Colorado 2006

Colorado Adventure for Teens
Boulder, Colorado
May 19-21, 2006

The Renaissance Boulder Suites Hotel in FlatIron, Colorado, was home base for the first CWD Teen Adventure, held May 19-21, 2006.

The weather was perfect. Blue, blue skies as a backdrop to the Rockies. Unseasonably warm and sunny weather – near 90 degrees both Adventure days. And the company? Well, bring a bunch of CWD teens together from all over the country, throw in a few CWD teen staff, give everyone a mountain bike…and a helmet… and the group can't be beat!

The group got together informally Friday evening for the kids and parents to meet each other, share stories, discuss the weekend, and have some yummy munchies and ice cream. Saturday morning, bright and early, we were up for an 8 a.m. breakfast and a 9:30 a.m. rendez-vous with Jon at the Boulder Bikesmith. Jon matched bikes to everyone's sizes, recommended a bike trail for us, and off we went! We spent the morning biking along the Boulder Creek Trail, which was a steady uphill with a nice park to take a break in the middle. We ended the morning with an impromptu Frisbee football game in the park, then biked over to the Pearl St. Mall, which is a 4-block pedestrian mall with lots of wonderful shops and restaurants. Needless to say, everyone took advantage of the terrific shopping!

A refreshing swim (and hot tub, of course) was on the schedule for the afternoon. Then, everyone cleaned up and off we went to Benihana for dinner. That, in itself, was a performance!

Sunday, bright and early, we were off on a hiking adventure. Chris Tull and Neal Billetdeaux led the group up the Mt. Sanitas trail, which proved to be quite a challenging hike both uphill and down! The teens did wonderfully in checking blood sugars, modifying basal rates, and taking glucose so as not to go low (the heat and the exercise definitely had an impact on blood sugars). It was a three-hour hike, and at the bottom of the mountain, Jeff Hitchcock and Bernadette Tull were waiting with a cooler full of cold drinks and box lunches! Food never looked so good!

Sunday afternoon, the group split up for different activities. A small group went for a second hike along the Chatauqua Trail. That was a 6 mile effort and took most of the afternoon. The rest of the teens opted for the swimming pool and hot tub, while the parents relaxed and chatted (code word for exhaustion).

In all, the weekend was a very successful event, with new friends made among both the kids and the parents, and lots of educational moments shared. Best of all, the teens all rose to the challenge of the Adventure. The biking and hiking were not easy to do; managing diabetes on top of it added extra responsibility. The teens did wonderfully, and staff and parents were so proud of them!

Many thanks to our CWD Adventures sponsor – LifeScan. We could not do these types of Adventures for our kids without LifeScan's support and unwavering belief in what we do.

Many thanks as well to the parents and staff who helped out this weekend: Neal Billetdeaux and Chris Tull (for leading the hiking and biking), Rance Stoner (for taking some great photographs and helping on the hikes), Kirk Doyle (for helping on the hike), and Jeff Hitchcock and Bernadette Tull – for schlepping lunches and staffing the park break!

Stay tuned for news of future CWD Adventures.

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The hotel, our home base
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On top of the mountain
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A quick stop halfway to the top of the bike trail
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