Report from the 2003-2004 Cruise


Report from the CWD Cruise
December 29, 2003 - January 2, 2004

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CWD Cruises Into the New Year!

By popular demand, CWD welcomed the New Year 2004 with a four night Cruise to the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean's Sovereign of the Seas. The purpose of the cruise was to venture away a bit from a purely conference mode, and to combine a family vacation with the opportunity for CWD families to meet each other, get the kids together, have impromptu discussions about anything and everything, and have CWD faculty and medical staff available as a safety net for those who had never traveled with diabetes before and who had significant worries about doing so.

The cruise was a great success and the weather cooperated on cue! Betty Brackenridge led discussion groups each and every morning from 9-10, supported by medical staff Dr. Matt Corcoran and CDEs Natalie Bellini and Melissa Ringley (and lots of hot coffee). Families then headed off to enjoy the port of call for the day. The kids and teens formed some tight friendships and had a great time on the beach, at the sports complex on the ship, and every evening regardless of what they chose to do.

While there were no diabetes-related emergencies on board, the families were grateful for the support and presence of the medical staff who answered questions ranging from "What are the differences between types of insulin?" to "What happens if I sit on a quick-set?" to "Why does the weight of the bun affect the carb count?" The staff was particularly busy during meals, as the waiters brought plate after plate of yummy food, none of which had carb counts. Everyone ventured their best guesses, and most times they were pretty close! Morning discussions were full of conversations about what worked and why… and what didn't and why not whether a child was pumping or on MDI (Accurate portion size? Too much fat content? Over-bolus? Four hours of basketball? Forgot to bolus for the 16 ounce daiquiri?). It was a great way to bounce ideas off other parents and share experiences.

Thank you to the wonderful families who participated in this event and made it so much fun… and to our terrific faculty, medical staff, and sponsor!

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