Visit to Unomedical Mexico

Unomedical invited a small group of people from the diabetes community to visit their infusion set plant in Reynosa, Mexico as part of the launch of their new inset infusion set. The inset is the first all-in-one infusion set and inserter and can be used on all insulin pumps with a standard Luer lock connector. The inset should be available in the United States within several weeks.

Invited guests included Jeff and Marissa Hitchcock from Children with Diabetes, Sonia and Matt Cooper from the Children with Diabetes Foundation, Michael Robinton from, Dave Joffe and Steve Freed from, several people from Animas Corporation (which will be the first distributor of the inset), and several health care professionals who are heavily involved in pump therapy from around the country.

Everyone traveled to McAllen, Texas, some of us narrowly beating some very nasty weather. The first order of business was an introduction to the inset program, product development, and quality control process from key staff members from both Unomedical Denmark and the Reynosa plant. The detailed presentations gave everyone a great sense of confidence in the product, which we were able to sample afterwards. Several people replaced their existing infusion sets with an inset, including Marissa, who said that the inserter made introducing the set painless. (Marissa's preferred set before this was the Comfort and she always used L-M-X-4.)

On Thursday, we were invited to join the employees from the Reynosa plant for a party at a large water park close to the factory. There was a great crowd, a slightly overcast sky, lots of food and drink, a dance contest (Marissa won a prize!), a Mariachi band, and traditional Mexican dancers. That evening, we all enjoyed dinner, dancing, and karaoke at a local diner.

On Friday, our group spent the day at the Unomedical plant in Reynosa. In the morning, we donned protective clothing and toured the manufacturing floor, seeing first hand how the inset and other infusion sets are made. After a wonderful lunch in the plant cafeteria, we again donned protective clothing and returned to the manufacturing floor to make out own insets. The manufacturing line was cleared of all product before hand and afterwards, so you can be assured that insets you receive are all properly made. We each took home a completed inset as a memento (though not to use because they're not sterile).

From this trip we all learned about the new inset infusion set and about the rigorous manufacturing and quality control processes that are in place to ensure that each set works perfectly. We look forward to the inset being available in the very near future.

August 8, 2004


Jeff and Marissa listening
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Group photograph
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Jeff showing an inset in the process of manufacture
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Marissa showing off an inset she's making
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Rosanna and ...
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... Michael show their completed insets.
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