Diabetes Youth Ambassadors FAQ

You've got questions about our International Diabetes Youth Ambassadors program. Here are answers to some of your questions.

What is a Diabetes Youth Ambassador?
An Ambassador is defined as a person with a special diplomatic assignment, or an authorized diplomatic messenger. Since Diabetes is a disease which knows no boundaries, Diabetes Youth Ambassadors are young people from every country in the world, who as volunteers, are committed to joining together and sharing information about diabetes, working together to help all people with diabetes and helping find a cure for diabetes. Note: Diabetes Youth Ambassadors do not have to have diabetes! Siblings, family and friends are encouraged to join.

Could we also be called Diabetes Advocates?
Absolutely! An advocate is someone who works for a cause. Diabetes is our cause and we are all advocates in the fight against diabetes.

What does an International Diabetes Youth Ambassador do?
Young people with diabetes have a very powerful message to share, our story of living with diabetes. Many people don't know what it is like to have diabetes, and because of this ignorance, people with diabetes are discriminated against, do not receive adequate medical care and lack resources in their communities to help them. By telling our personal stories, we raise awareness about diabetes. When we raise awareness, we make progress with those people who can change unacceptable situations.

Who do we tell our personal stories to?
We tell our stories first to each other. By sharing what each of us goes through in our countries, we can compare and learn things which will help us in our own countries. When we share these stories with each other we also will build friendships and help each other with ways to take quality diabetes information out into our communities in a positive way. Other ideas for sharing your story may include giving a talk at school, a church or religious organization, a community organization, a company or even to government officials.

What other things might a Diabetes Youth Ambassador do?
Learn about laws governing diabetes in your country. If there are areas that might improve, perhaps you can work to help make a change. Volunteer to be a mentor or to help another newly diagnosed young person. Inspire other young people with diabetes to get involved. Enlist in the media to help raise awareness. Most importantly, take good care of your own health so you can be an inspiration to others with diabetes!

How can a sibling or friend be a Diabetes Youth Ambassador?
Have you ever seen your loved one or friend experience a high or low blood sugar? If so, you have your own unique perspective to share about diabetes! As a sibling you may have concerns of being diagnosed, or as a friend, you worry about keeping your buddy with diabetes safe. Together you can make a great advocacy team!

Our ultimate goal will be to help those people with diabetes in our own communities. When we strengthen our communities, we strengthen our countries. If we find we could use some help, we can enlist the support of the group.

For instance, if you find in your community/Country there are people who are in dire need of diabetes supplies, perhaps youth from other countries can help. Or, let's say you have a group of people you would like to share diabetes information with, but are not much of a letter writer. Perhaps someone from our group of Diabetes Ambassadors would assist you in writing that letter. Sometimes the support of a group of people internationally can give you the edge you need to make your point in a respectful and more convincing manner.

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