Always There

Always There

by Isobel Hannan

At the beginning of every day
And at the end of every day
Every few hours throughout the day
Even in the middle of the night
Diabetes is there

So many questions
What's the reading?
How many carbs?
Slow-acting or fast-acting?
How much exercise?
How much insulin?
Which type?
Need to check ketones?
Always always there

There is no escape
Sure you can stop thinking about it for a little while
Sometimes you even think that everything's going fine
And then it comes back and hits you
A hypo
Or too many highs
And you're not really sure why
Just know that you want it to be better

Maybe woke up a bit later than normal
Maybe didn't do as much exercise
Maybe should've eaten more or less or at a different time
Maybe that hypo shouldn't have been treated because then there wouldn't be this high
Maybe maybe maybe

You can't just forget about it
Because if you do... things will get worse
But if you don't try to forget about it sometimes
It takes over your life


Poem by Isobel Hannan, written six months after her daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
March 13, 2005

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