Bring It On

Bring It On

by Mark Koekemoer, Type 1 diabetic for 8 1/2 years
From South Africa

A long time ago, but not too long to recall,
My eyes and balance were blurry, and I became more likely to fall.
My skin became dry, and I lost some pounds of weight,
Frequenting the loo as I started to dehydrate.

Then a prick from a doctor explained all of that,
My glucose was twenty and I'd have to adapt.
He said "Most diabetics live long so there's no need worry,
It's just a change in your lifestyle that will fix this story".

"Just a change" I expected a pill or simple remedy,
But never could I guess the extent of this therapy!
A diet, good exercise and injections galore,
Finger pricks and urine sticks, could there be any more?

I struggled at first, unsure of how to cope,
And completed the entire circle of denial, without hope.
Injections were my enemy, and finger pricks the devil.
But diabetes conquered the rebel, when it slammed me onto ground level.

I was a little naughty, actually "naughty" is quite tame,
But it left me feeling pretty bad and in a lot of pain,
When two drips finally re-hydrated me I had to make a move,
I headed for the hospital and was put in I.C.U.

"Near-death" was not the case, but a coma was quite real,
But I managed to pull through it, and far better I would feel.
I woke up then and there, splashed cold water in my face,
And told myself I'll never again let some ketones start that race.

Now it's been a couple of years since that day in 2001,
And diabetes is my roller coaster, but with a different kind of fun.
I lead a healthy lifestyle, and play a lot of sport,
A blood glucose of 5.6 is what is always sought.

I'm always watching what I eat, and counting out the carbs,
Then taking shots to keep my levels, on the "good score" cards.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but in the end what's true,
Is that every single situation, gives me a different clue.

Because blood glucose is affected, by just so many themes,
Sport and food and shots and tests are all the easiest it seems,
But then there's sickness and weather and stress,
Who knows just how much these factors will mess!

And every day is new, every day brings on its test,
A test we must confront, and conquer, and strive to do our best.
A test we must take notes in, and learn from every time,
So next time we'll try ace it so that later we'll feel fine.

Remember diabetes doesn't give up, it's with us all the time,
We cannot take a break from it, even if we're feeling fine.
But its taught me lots of little things, things that are unique,
Things that make me stronger as I grow through each and every week.

I know what food is good for me, and how much thereof to eat,
I've gained a wealth of self-discipline and self-control - that's neat.
I manage my own blood glucose - and that I must confess,
Is something so incredible - a biological miracle at best.

Finger tests are second nature, injections - bring them on,
I love my sport and I'm in good shape, better than most on the lawn.
I love to eat, and eat I do, and carb counting makes it easy,
A chocolate or an ice cream now will never again just tease me!

See it was change in lifestyle, but a change in mindset too,
Acceptance is the key here - a secret from me to you.
We cannot rest, we cannot fake it, it's never gonna go,
Diabetes is here to stay the long run, a truth that's useful to know.

So now I learn as much as possible, and listen and surf and read,
I've grabbed this chance to make an effort, a healthy life I'll lead.
Decide you either love it or hate it, but what ever choice you do,'
Remember that this choice you make will only be affecting you.

Diabetes is a mission, it needs a lot of training,
Each day and every moment makes this condition mega-straining,
But once you get the hang of it, and know some simple rules,
Diabetes is a challenge, teaching us health and life and values!

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