The Enemy

The Enemy

It stalks you day and night
flows through your veins all the time
Ready to pounce on you
on the slightest clue
Took the liberty to skip a meal
then with scarring delirium you must deal
Dared to gorge at dinner
will end up with blood swarming with sugar
On the dance floor, let yourself go
well, have rivulets of sweat flow
Keep your eyes glued to the clock
should you let down your guard
will end up in the dock
Always keep up the fight
don’t undermine the enemy's might
All mistakes carry a price
so deftly play the dice
Armed with caution and vigilance
sagacity you must show
Unless you keep vigil in tow
the deadly enemy will strike a fatal blow

By Usha Dhiman a Juvenile Diabetic


Usha Dhiman
Secretary, S/GSO
American Embassy
New Delhi
DhimanU AT

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