The Beast Within

Anyone living with diabetes knows that it is like living with a monster. I envisioned a beast living inside of my daughter and I wanted to convey what it is like trying to keep the beast happy.

Dedicated to my daughter Megan, and all of our children who struggle with the Beast every day.

The Beast Within

There is a Beast inside of me,
I never can forget.
He's big and bad and really mean.
He's my unwanted pet.
I feed the Beast every day,
exactly right on time.
I count the carbs, proteins and grams.
Too much sugar is a crime!
Too many carbs, too many grams
will enrage the angry Beast.
He'll make me pay most dearly for
my unauthorized little feast.
It matters not that my excess
is just a bit of juice.
I cannot sneak it past the Beast.
For he's got me in a noose.
I'm thirsty, tired, dizzy and nauseous
--Oh my aching head!
It's time to draw my mighty sword.
This is the part I dread.
Armed with insulin I plunge it hard
into my tender skin.
It's the only way to quiet the Beast.
The Beast that lies within.
Just when I think he's satisfied
and safely held at bay.
I suddenly remember at the soccer game,
The price I forgot to pay.
His punishment is immediate.
He strikes me to the ground.
In my confusion I barely hear
a distant far-off sound.
I forgot to feed the Beast.
Feed him sugar now!
Hurry! Hurry! Feed the Beast.
It doesn't matter how.
My head begins to clear again.
The Beast has gone to sleep.
In my heart and in my dreams
this promise I will keep.
One day I will kill the Beast.
And I will be set free.
Until that day, I'll persevere and pray,
God's watching over me.
Megan (dx 2/99), Linda (Mom), and Heather (little sis), photographed at Camp Conrad-Chinock in the San Bernadino mountains of California

Linda Kaniasty


Published August 6, 1999

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