I Got Diabetes
I Got Diabetes

I got diabetes
one "not so good" day,
I felt like a washrag
with no urge to play.

So thirsty and sleepy
I went to my Doc,
He found Diabetes
(it was quite a shock!)

My mom started crying
My dad looked real stern,
We all went to classes
Some lessons to learn.

Like what I could eat
at what time; and how much,
And how to take shots
and test sugars and such.

We learned Diabetes
is not like the flu,
that you can get over
It's something brand new.

We found Diabetes
can hit any kid,
It isn't your fault
and it's nothing you did.

I'm strong now and healthy
My parents are too,
We exercise more
than we once used to do.

I feel really lucky
I learned all the tricks,
to keep Diabetes
from making me sick.

Healthier foods have
a place on my plate,
I look just the same
and I feel really great!

Diabetes is only
a piece of what's me,
It's not going to block
anything I can be!!!!!!

Craig McAlister Broadhurst, M.Ed, NCC

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