Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost

vanished in a snowstorm
falling, falling
beautiful snowflakes falling
falling down
they blanket your existence
covering your soul
innocence lost.

awakened by a ray of light
the sun is beaming
beams down upon your face
melting away your fears
shining bright on your soul
keeping it forever warm
uncovering your blanket
tucking it gently away.

seasons change
the storm returns
winter is long
winter is cold
oh how the seasons change
innocence lost once again.

I wanted to share with you something I wrote after hearing my 15 month old son say "ouch" after testing his blood. I have never heard this word from his mouth. How does he know what it means? Just some thoughts on his innocence and the simple fact that there will always be good days and bad days.

Deah Fisher's son was diagnosed on November 16, 2000 with type 1 diabetes. He is 14 months old. Deah can be reached via e-mail at

Published December 17, 2000

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