Krystal Davis

Be Aware of Me and My Illness

Be aware of m and my illness. My name is
Diabetes "Bites" for Short....
I first got hooked on this illness when I was eleven years old.
Ever Since, I have been teased and picked on
by my family, friends, and people I did not even know.
But mostly by people who did not know me.

I am easier to get rid of than AIDS, or rather CONTROL.
I'll take you back and forth to the hospital.
I'll make you miss out on many days of school.
I'll make your grades drop.
When you get sick, I'll make you moody and evil.

I've taken many people under my wings
Any age, it doesn't matter, Babies, Kids, Teens, and even adults.
I've got your friends asking you all kinds of questions, about the illness
about your eating, shots, blood tests, schedules....

When you are under my power you have to wake up on schedule,
Check your blood sugars, take your medicines, follow a certain diet and
do all this to stay well.

My Name is BIG "D" and that name is no lie.
I've destroyed actors, sports heroes, and regular people too.
Think you can control me? You are no fool
Yeah I am raising Hell all over the planet
For once: Decide to stay HEALTHY and WELL
Do Right, Be Smart, and Take my Power....

Krystal Davis

About Crystal
Krystal was diagnosed at the age of 11 with Type 1 Diabetes and is now 17 yrs. old. She recently won a award in new York City for this poem and would like to share it with others. Her overall message is how she feels about living with diabetes and how not to let it have more power over you than it already does.

Krystal's mom writes:
Krystal wrote this at a time in her earlier adolescence when she was sick of having diabetes. She was angry but able to state she wanted to win and I believe she is. Diabetes is not always positive, and is different for each child and family but her feelings are very common and need to be explored, discussed, and dealt with. Adolescence alone is difficult, adding a chronic illness just makes it that more difficult.

Published July 18, 1999

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