Leigh's Poem

2:00 AM
A cry
Covers thrown off the bed
Faster and Faster
Racing to the bathroom
Across the hall

"Mom. What's wrong ... Is she going to be okay?"
She's sick

To her finger
Blood droplet forms
A red bead
Resting on her pale white skin.

"She's 504.
We'll to have to go,
Once more."
They leave me.

To cry.

Roll down my face.
I sit
And ask myself,
"Why Her?
What did she do?
Why couldn't I
Have gotten diabetes

I miss her,
While she's there.
The thought
Of what happens
At the hospital
Scares me,
For her.

The IVs,
The shots,
The finger pricks...
And she never seems afraid.
I don't know how
She does it.

I'd do anything
To make it go away.
There's nothing one can do
But pray.

Leigh is 14 1/2. Her sister Lauren, age 10, has diabetes. Lauren recently carried the Olympic torch. Leigh and her family receive e-mail at moiramcc [at]

Published February 3, 2002

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