Madison's Diabetic Days

Madison's Diabetic Days

Mommy, I am thirsty
She would say as we were
Walking out the door for the day.
You just had a drink Madison,
We are in a hurry, you can
Get a drink at daycare before you
Start to play.

Mommy, I pottied the bed again
As she lay there and cried.
I couldn't make it to the
Bathroom, but I really

It was so busy at work that day,
The doctor's appt could not possibly be today.
Before I could cancel,
Kindercare called and said she wasn't
Feeling well,
I said all right, I am on my way.

She looked so sick when I picked her up,
I said let's go honey, the doctor will fix you right up.

I told the doctor that she probably had a bladder infection and the flu.
He said let's take some tests and then we will see what we will have to do.

The doctor gave her a urine and blood test.
The nurse told me to give my husband a call,
I said "Why", she said that it would be best.

I asked her if everything was o.k.
She said she couldn't tell me
That the doctor was on his way.

The doctor sat us down and told us that our sweet little
girl had a disease called juvenile diabetes that effect's the pancreas,
I said, "How did she get this?" The doctor said, "We really don't know that answer to this".

I asked, "what can I expect to happen to Madison's body long term.
He said that diabetes could affect her major organs such as her heart, kidneys and nerves.

He told us we had to give her injections of insulin and test her blood several times a day.
I thought to myself, "I can't give my little girl shots, there is no way".

It was the hardest news I have ever heard to think that
My three year old daughter had to live daily with this pain,
I had to face reality and be brave and deal with it the best way i can.

I had to be strong for Madison's sake,
There were many times I had to leave the room because i was so upset that I would start to shake.

The first month was as hard as could be.
Every time we went to do her injections
She would cry and yell, "Why are you doing this to me?"

I would hold her while her daddy gave her the shot.
She would try so hard to try to get away,
And it would get worse the more she fought.

We would try to explain that the medicine was helping her not to feel sick,
But she didn't understand
And didn't care
She just didn't want to be pricked.

Three months had gone by and we were all beginning to cope
When all of the sudden at 1:00 she woke up with a scream.
She was having a seizure with convulsions and what was like a bad dream.

We gave her brown sugar and she came out of it in a matter of time but what seemed like eternity.
She looked up at me when it was all over and said, "mommy, that hurt, please do not ever let that happen to me"!

She had another seizure two weeks later,
Her doctor said seizures can cause brain damage if we don't start getting her blood sugars monitored better.

It has been a year since her last one
We have been monitoring her at night
So she will not have another one.

Things get better in time and you learn to adapt
Madison still asks why do I have diabetes and not any of my friends.
I just tell her that she is very special and that some day diabetes will be cured and will come to an end.

It is very difficult to watch your young child go through this daily ordeal,
Please if you can, donate so we can find a cure.

Written by Nancy Lehto, Madison's Mom

Madison and her family receive e-mail at

Published September 23, 2001

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