Ode to the Pump

Ode to the Pump
By Heidi Vogan

Water, water, everywhere
It's not enough to drink.
You gorge way more then your fair share,
And find it hard to think.

A precious gift, abruptly lost
My innocence has vanished.
For now I've got to weigh the cost
Of sugar cut or banished.

You're telling me, as I hear this
My sugar is too high?
My pancreae have gone amiss
And most are going to die.

These cells of mine, remotely small
Decided to retire,
It ought to be against some law
That things could turn so dire.

I've never been so sick till now,
Just give me what you've got!
For now, not what you won't allow
Will matter with my shot.

But now I'm feeling better, cuz
My cells are getting fed.
Insulin and what it does
Makes it a wonder med.

Things were looking up till when
They told me all these rules,
I get to thank my genes and kin
For all these brand new tools.

I would have never even thought
This thing could be passed on,
Or is it really just my fault
This suddenly came on?

Things are gonna rollarcoast
Till I get "controlled,"
This I cannot proudly boast
As three more years unfold.

A1c's are 8 to 9,
Control will never be.
This has got to be a sign
I've screwed up majorly.

It's hard to be a teenager,
In two thousand and one.
The many things that do allure
Make this disease no fun.

I'm tired of the highs and lows
And all related stuff
Who around me really knows
The going's just too rough.

It's time for change, a brand new start
Major-league adjustment!
To save my kidneys, eyes and heart
I need to more then vent.

I asked my doctor 'bout the pump
He wasn't really thrilled,
Because I'm always in a slump
He thought I might be killed.

But I pushed on, and won the fight
With him and others too,
And soon enough I saw the sight
Of my new pump Code Blue.

The highs and lows are less severe,
Hurray for liberty!
All the things I held most dear
Are coming back to me.

A pumper now for 3 straight months,
I've had my struggles (true!)
But I'm not really such a dunce
I'm just rather new.

No more shots or must-eat meal,
300's too are rare,
This pumping thing is quite a deal
For getting better care.

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Published September 8, 2001

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