You entered our life through golden gates so suddenly, so matter of fact.
You interrupted a beautiful thing
destroyed a young childs life.
Here I am you say-pleased to meet you- I am here to stay
There is no turning back there is no escape.

If only you would have taken a monent to look into his eyes of blue that could light up the midnight sky - or see his smile so big like a beautiful rainbow parting the clouds making the day bright.

If only you could have taken a second to hold his tiny hand, or to tickle his little toes or to see him sleep so peacefully, so soundly, dreaming of puppy dogs and cheerios.

You too may have realized that he is too young, too precious, too innocent to be infected with your poison.

You've already attacked, you took your bite-but I will not allow you to take control of my life.
The morning will always wake, the sun will continue to shine, the moon will forever hang high.
And I will think of you as each day passes by.

I am constantly aware of your venom flowing through my sons veins,
So please be wise and know that I have the power to pulverize your game.

It's not fair that your pleasure is his pain.

Deah Fisher's son was diagnosed on November 16, 2000 with type 1 diabetes. He is 14 months old. Deah can be reached via e-mail at

Published November 26, 2000

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