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children with DIABETES helps kids with diabetes and their families learn about diabetes, meet people with diabetes, and help others with diabetes. This tour will show you the highlights of the web site so that you can get the most out of it. To take the tour, click on the Tour Links and read the accompanying description.

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Getting Around

The Home Page
The home page contains top level links to each of the major areas of the web site. You can search for information right from the home page. Every page in children with DIABETES is key word indexed to help you find what you're looking for.

What's New
Each weekend, the What's New page is updated to include a list of the new material that's been added during the past week. Regular visitors stop by each Sunday to stay on top of diabetes. A special image -- [NEW!] -- highlights new material and links back to the What's New page.

User's Guide
children with DIABETES contains a wealth of information. The User's Guide will help you determine where to start. There are navigation tips, as well as suggested starting points for kids, parents and adults.

If you have trouble finding something you're looking for, the Index can help. This alphabetical listing contains links to almost everything within the site. Need tips for campers and parents? You'll find the link under A (advice for parents, camp tips) and C (camp tips for parents and campers).

Looking for information about using lispro insulin in an insulin pump or gestational diabetes? Every page of children with DIABETES is keyword indexed to help you find what you're looking for.

Privacy Policy
We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy.


Family Support Network
The Family Support Network is a database of parents, children, teens, adults, relatives and friends willing to exchange mail or e-mail about diabetes. If you're struggling with a new diagnosis, have a question that you can't seem to answer, or want to help others, this is the place. Once you've found a friend, click on their name to see their personal information (and photo) or click on the 'Send a Message' link to send them an e-mail.

Parents' Place
When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, many parents find themselves in shock. Parents share their experiences in the pages of Parents' Voices. You'll also find advice for newly diagnosed parents, tips on camp and sleepovers, and you can search for parents in the Family Support Network.

Children's Corner
Isolation. Being alone. Being different. That's what many kids with diabetes feel, because they don't know any other kid who has to do finger prick blood tests or take insulin injections each day. In Kids' Voices, kids tell their story, in their own words. Kids can also run look for other kids their age in the Family Support Network.

CWD Grads
Parents, share your pride in the success of your high school or college grads with a listing in our CWD Grads pages. The success of our kids encourages newly diagnosed kids and their families.

Humorous Tidbits
The diagnosis of diabetes changes you and your family forever. However, in between the challenges of caring for diabetes come amusing moments that remind us of the important things in our lives, like our families and laughing. There's also a collection of humorous moments from parents.

Share your feelings about diabetes through art. We have poetry, stories, and drawings from parents, kids, and adults.

Our weekly polls help keep a finger on the pulse of people living with diabetes. Learn what glucose meters people are using or how often people are doing blood tests. The results aren't scientific, but they are quite interesting.

Message Board
The Message Board provides the threaded discussion group for children with DIABETES. You may login as a guest and just read messages or create your own user name and password and post messages of your own.

Chat Rooms
Week after week, the chat rooms are among the most visited pages within children with DIABETES. It's easy to see why. Parents, kids, teens, adults with Type 1, adults with Type 2, and spouses each have their own browser-based chat room. Evenings are the busiest times.

CWD Mail
If you're tired of all the junk e-mail and want a new e-mail address that offers rigorous anti-spam protection, cwdMail is it. You can access your cwdMail account from a web page or through your usual e-mail client. And best of all, it's free! Sign up today!

Mailing Lists
We offer over a dozen mailing lists to help provide support and news to people living with diabetes. All mailing lists require you to confirm your subscription to ensure that it's really you signing up.

Is your company looking for help with a diabetes-related position? We offer free job listings to help you find the right person.

Join us for our annual Friends for Life conference in July for an experience you'll never forget. Meet hundreds of other families, learn from world-renowned experts, or just hang out by the pool. Our conferences are a wonderful place to meet new friends who understand what it means to live with diabetes.

Quilt for Life
Diabetes is about people, not statistics. Our Quilt for Life brings home the people who live each day with diabetes. Add your quilt square to the growing collection. Help us demonstrate the enormity of the disease, and why we need a cure now.

Rufus the Traveling Bear
Rufus and Ruby, Teddy bears with diabetes, are traveling the world, meeting kids with diabetes and sharing their experiences. If you're newly diagnosed (or just want a visitor!), you can add your name to the list and host Rufus or Ruby.

Diabetes Clinic

Ask the Diabetes Team
The CWD "Diabetes Team" is an international group of pediatric and adult endocrinologists, an obstetrician who specializes in high-risk pregnancies, diabetes nurse specialists, dietitians, exercise physiologists, counseling specialists, and a number of occasional experts, the Diabetes Team answers your questions about diabetes. Readers submit dozens of questions each week, and each one receives an answer from the Team. Most answers are published. Questions are arranged by subject and by date submitted.

Diabetes Basics
Wonder what Type 1 diabetes is? Or insulin? Need help with hypoglycemia? Want to learn about the research into a cure? Or perhaps your child was just diagnosed with celiac. The information within Diabetes Basics can help. If you're new to diabetes or want to learn more, this is the place to start. We even have some content translated into Spanish.

Diabetes at School
Children with diabetes require medical care to remain healthy. The need for medical care does not end while the child is at school. The information within the pages of Diabetes at School is designed to help children with diabetes and their parents ensure that they are able to care for their diabetes while at school. Information for Teachers and Child-Care Providers provides a brief overview of Type 1 diabetes and its implications for school. We also have a Database of Schools in the US that list blood testing rules and school nurse status.

504 Plans
Children with diabetes are entitled to protections under the law while at school. These protections are spelled out in a 504 Plan. Use our templates as a starting point.

Everyday, children with diabetes must prick their finger several times with a lancet and use a blood glucose meter to measure their blood sugar level. They must inject themselves with insulin. Sometimes they must take emergency glucose to ward off the effects of hypoglycemia. The reviews of products are designed to help kids and parents decide which products are best for them. Each product is reviewed with an eye towards usability by kids. A special smiley face graphic -- [RECOMMENDED!] -- highlights products that we highly recommend for children with diabetes.

Our Marketplace pages contain listings of products and services that can help make living with diabetes easier for you or your child.

Insulin Pumps
Insulin pumps represent the best that medicine has to offer for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. Our special Insulin Pumps section will help you learn about pump therapy and the various pumps available today. The pumps section is also available in Spanish in la Bomba de Insulina.

People with diabetes must eat more carefully than people without diabetes. Often this involves meal plans with carefully measured food portions or diets without concentrated sugars. Within the Nutrition area, readers will find dozens of delicious recipes that will satisfy the taste buds of even the most skeptical child. All of the recipes have been taste-tested by at least one child with diabetes. In addition, cookbooks, computerized meal planning products and meal planning aids make it easy to prepare meals that fit diabetic meal plans.

Alternate Site Testing
Many blood glucose meters are approved for alternate site testing -- which means getting the drop of blood from someplace other than a finger tip. Learn about the science behind alternate site testing and its limitations.

Alternative Medicine
You see advertisements everywhere for nutritional supplements or an exotic concoction that will cure diabetes. Is it for real? Learn about the science behind the claims made in support of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in diabetes.

Diabetes Dictionary
Your child's doctor says your child needs a Hemoglobin A1C test every three months, but you're not sure what that means. Or you heard someone at the clinic mention Maturity-Onset Diabetes of the Young, and you forgot to ask the doctor. The Diabetes Dictionary contains definitions for those and hundreds of other terms, many cross-referenced. The dictionary, based originally on the dictionary from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK), has been updated regularly, and includes many additional terms and incorporates recent changes in terminology.

We have several PowerPoint presentations to help you learn about the Children with Diabetes web site, insulin pump therapy, and other topics.

Diabetes camp is one of the best experiences for a child with diabetes. Camp is a place to learn self-confidence, to be with other kids with diabetes, and simply to have a great time. It's also an excellent opportunity for mom and dad to take a break from diabetes. A listing of camps throughout the United States and elsewhere is provided. Camps are provided a free web page within children with DIABETES.


News & Information
Throughout the world, researchers in universities, hospitals and private companies are hard at work, trying to uncover the secrets of diabetes, discover a prevention, develop better management technology and, ultimately, find a cure. We report on research, daily care, legislative issues, and other news.

You can read important Press Releases from companies and research institutions involved in diabetes.

On-line Links
The web is filled with information about diabetes. Collected within these pages are links to web sites with information that will be of interest to anyone with diabetes.

Regional Information
People with diabetes often find helpful resources in their own back yard. The list of global diabetes organizations will help people from around the world, and travelers can learn how to say "I have diabetes" in different languages.


About Us
Learn about who we are, and about the web sites we offer. There's even a brief history of CWD.

Letters to the Editor
The letters to the editor tell the real story -- how children with DIABETES helps people cope with living with diabetes. From around the world kids and families come to learn, share and join the on-line community for children with diabetes. Readers use a simple form to send letters to the editor.

Cards and Brochures
Share Children with Diabetes with your friends by requesting free brochures and URL cards. The brochures briefly describe the contents of the web site, and the URL cards make it easy for people new to the Internet to find the web site.

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