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My name is Jeff Hitchcock and I am the creator, editor, and webmaster of children with DIABETES. In 1989, Marissa, my oldest daughter, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 24 months old. Like many parents, my wife and I struggled with caring for her. I vividly remember her first serious low blood sugar (17 mg/dl), and I remember wishing I knew some other parent to talk to about how to be a good parent of a child with diabetes.

After gaining access to the Internet and the World Wide Web in the latter part of 1994, I searched for information about diabetes. Though there were some web sites about diabetes, almost all the information was about diabetes in adults. I decided to start my own web site for kids and parents. In June 1995, children with DIABETES served its first web page. In July 1995, I was laid off and could devote all my attention to CWD.

In the fall of 1995, I began to receive e-mails addressed to "Dr. Hitchcock" asking medical questions about diabetes. Realizing that I needed help, I asked Dr. William Quick, an endocrinologist who ran his own diabetes web site, for assistance. The efforts of Dr. Quick and his wife led to the creation of the Diabetes Team, a volunteer group of health care professionals from around the world who generously share their time to answer readers' questions. As of July 2007, there are over 18,600 answers to questions online (out of over 28,500 pages).

In June 2000, at the urging of Laura Billetdeaux, CWD held its first real life event -- Orlando 2000 -- Letting Kids be Kids. From that not-so-humble beginning (550 people from 110 families showed up!), CWD's conferences and events have grown enormously, thanks to the hard work of Laura and many, many dedicated volunteers. The Friends for Life 2007 conference, held in July 2007 at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Florida, hosted over 2,500 people ,including a large group from the United Arab Emirates.

From its very small beginnings in June 1995, children with DIABETES has grown to become one of the largest diabetes-related web sites in the world. We routinely host well over 20,000 visitors per day and deliver millions of pages per month. The site has received many awards and has been ranked as the best medical web site in the world.

It is my belief that managing diabetes is 90% information and 10% medication. Information is the key to success in diabetes, and this has been known for many years. Dr. Elliott Joslin is quoted as saying, "The person with diabetes who knows the most lives the longest." My goal is to make children with DIABETES the best source of information about type 1 diabetes on the web.

For the very curious, you can read a brief history of CWD.

Along the way I've had help from many people, particularly:

  • Brenda, my wife, and my three children, Marissa, Kathryn and Timothy, for their patience as I sit in front of the computer everyday for too many hours.
  • Laura Billetdeaux, who has made CWD's events the best in the diabetes world
  • Larry Hitchcock, my brother, who helped get CWD going in 1995 but has since moved on to bigger and better things.
  • The entire Diabetes Team, who answer your questions.
  • Mike Stoker, David Kenzik, George Shearer, Josh Swartz, and Ian Young who have generously provided technical assistance and artistic talent.
  • Linda Kane Hitchcock and Paul Despins, who have shared their artistic wizardry to create our logos for the web, print, and our conference shirts and signage.
  • Those of you who send me e-mail, telling me how you have found help and encouragement from this site.
  • The hundreds of thousands of people from around the world who visit every month.

Jeff Hitchcock, founder of CWD, at Friends for Life: Orlando 2007

Marissa is the reason that the Children with Diabetes web site exists. She is now in nursing school and plans to take care of kids with diabetes.

July 2007

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