Parents' Voices

Parents of children with diabetes are your best source of real-life information. These parents want to share their experiences with you.

  1. Aileen Cloet writes about her son's diagnosis
  2. Alicia C. Huck de Aste, from Argentina, shares her thoughts about sending treats to school
  3. Amy Shenkel shares her experiences from the diagnosis of her daughter Caitlin
  4. Andrea Grishman shares with us her feelings when her son Eric was diagnosed
  5. Anne Schultz recounts the diagnosis of her son Kurt at five weeks of age.
  6. Anne writes her son's diagnosis and how her family adjusted to life with diabetes
  7. Arlene Mishanie shares with us a poetry collection dealing with her family's experiences with diabetes. Both her husband and son have Type 1 diabetes.
  8. In Badge of Courage, Sheryl Hill shares with us the challenge that her son Tyler had being accepted by other kids in school.
  9. Barb Chafe, mother of 7 1/2 year old Erica, tells us about her experiences as the parent of a child with diabetes.
  10. Barbara Dougherty writes about her son's diagnosis
  11. Barbara writes about her family's struggles with diabetes through three generations
  12. Bernadette Axelrod offers advice about storing glucagon at school
  13. Bernice Mehok tells about meeting a friend from the Parents Chat Room
  14. Betsy Sale writes about her daughter Stephanie's use of an insulin pump.
  15. Brenda Richardson has Type 2 and her daughter has MODY. She's looking for other parents who have kids with MODY to share experiences and ideas.
  16. Bob Murray recounts the onset of diabetes in his son Jake.
  17. Bonnie Clark writes about My Sister Chantelle.
  18. Bonnie and Will Morneault recount their experiences with the diagnosis of their eleven-year-old son Max.
  19. Carol Ratcliff writes about preventing post-exercise hypoglycemia for her son Amos.
  20. Carol Turner writes about her daughter's diagnosis at two year of age
  21. Charla writes about her son Eric and the admiration his teacher and friends have for him
  22. Charlene Mann writes about her son Julian and why she wants a cure.
  23. Clare Pattison provides advice from her own experiences as well as those of parents who live near her.
  24. Dallas Simmons shares the experience of his daughter's diagnosis
  25. Danielle writes about her daughter Alexis, diagnosed at 17 months
  26. Dayse Taruselli writes about her feelings when her son was diagnosed.
  27. Deena Sheets shares the experience of her son's diagnosis
  28. Don Schmitz shares the experiences of his daughter's diagnosis and the daily challenge of living with diabetes.
  29. Doug and Mary share a story about their daughter's diagnosis and living with diabetes
  30. Ellen Hagarty writes about her daughter Melissa, who was diagnosed in February 1995 at the age of four.
  31. From a Mother's Heart is story of Chelsey's diagnosis, as told by her mother, Jane.
  32. Haley Monroe responds to people who say, "I could never do that!"
  33. Hannah's Story by Doug Beauregard tells about Hannah's diagnosis
  34. Heather and Scott Kyllo tell us about their son Chad, who was diagnosed in February of 1996.
  35. Jackie Thompson write about her daughter Meghan
  36. Janet Fitzpatrick shares with us her pride in Tori, her daughter with diabetes.
  37. Jeff and Brenda Hitchcock talk about Marissa's diagnosis when she was 24 months old and Marissa getting an insulin pump at 11 years old.
  38. Jolie Baron shares with us her experiences as single-parent of a child with diabetes.
  39. Judy Haley, tells us what life is like being the mother of two teens with diabetes--Corbin and Meredith.
  40. Judy Smith writes about her son, Stuart.
  41. Judy Stone tells us about diabetes and sleepwalking.
  42. Kathy writes about the diagnosis of her daughter Alisha
  43. Karla Whalen shares her thoughts about her daughter's diabetes, entitled "More Blessings Than Burden, But"
  44. Kerri Southard reminds us of the importance of being prepared for low blood sugar emergenices.
  45. Kim Evanovich reminds us to keep an eye on the big picture.
  46. Kristin Suchy reminds us of the importance of being alert to the signs of diabetes.
  47. Kristy Meanor assures other parents that "it will get easier to deal with each and every day."
  48. Kyle and Lesley Otwell share their feelings about their son's diagnosis and their efforts to help fund a cure
  49. Laura and Mike Gregus write about the diagnosis of their 18 month old daughter, Alicia.
  50. Laurie Ridgel shares her thoughts in a poem entitled Diabetes, A Day, My Child
  51. Laurie Tierney shares with us A Mother's Story.
  52. Laurie Wann writes that California Day Care Center Receives State Exemption to Operate Insulin Pump
  53. Lashawn, Zachary's mom, shares her feelings about her son's diagnosis
  54. Lindsay's Story by Angie Morgan tells about her daughter's experiences with diabetes
  55. Lyn Hickox, grandmother of Jessica, writes about Jessica's frightening experience with Todd's Paralysis caused by extreme low blood sugar.
  56. Mary Gillespie shares a conversation she had with her son
  57. A Mother's Moment In Time recounts one mother's experience with her son's diagnosis and her discovery of support on the Internet.
  58. Pam Wilson writes about dealing with Downs Syndrome and diabetes.
  59. Patti writes about her son Mathias.
  60. Peggy recounts for us the diagnosis of Dillon, her five year old son.
  61. Peggy Shupp writes about the importance of camp.
  62. Phil Jacobs writes about the challenges of caring for his young daughter
  63. Pinki Kiljunen from Finland shares the experience of her son's diagnosis
  64. Robin gives advice on Managing Baseball and Diabetes, My Son has Diabetes--He Couldn't Possibly have ADD too!, and The Importance of Having a Glucagon Emergency Kit on Hand at All Times.
  65. In Orion, from the October 1997 issue of Diabetes Forecast, Robin Nobles writes about her feelings when her son Ryan was diagnosed with diabetes.
  66. Renee, parent of 14 1/2 yr old Melissa, tells of her experience with an experimental meter.
  67. Rhonda writes her son's diagnosis
  68. Robin O'Callaghan shares what's it's like to have a child with diabetes from infancy.
  69. Sharon Tarca shares an article she wrote for her local JDF Chapter newsletter about diabetes resources on the Internet.
  70. Shelia Stover writes about her daughter Brooke.
  71. Shelly Tyler shares a poem she wrote entitled Yes, A 2 Year Old Can Get Diabetes.
  72. Sonia Cooper writes about "A Try At Prevention"
  73. Sue Tremblay asks, "Diabetes - Is there anything funny about it?"
  74. Susan Consorte writes about her hero, her daughter
  75. Susan Jones, from Australia, who writes about some scary times with her son Nicholas.
  76. Tara writes about her daughter Trinity
  77. Tina Williams shares with us the events leading up to her daughter Ally's diagnosis.
  78. Virginia writes her son's diagnosis

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