The Insulin That Came Out of The Cold
Insulin does not need to be refrigerated under normal conditions, which might be defined as conditions under which you yourself are comfortable. You probably aren't comfortable standing out in the hot summer sun, so neither would your insulin. But in your house, it's probably safe to keep your insulin out of the refrigerator. Why would you want to do that? Because injecting cold insulin hurts!

If you're heading outside and it's going to be hot, be sure to protect your insulin with a cold pack. And never leave your insulin in an insulated container in your car.

Also, be sure not to let insulin freeze. So when you pack for the road, keep the insulin away from direct contact with the cold pack, if you can.

If you follow this practice, be sure to dispose of insulin after one month, which is the manufacturer's guideline. Insulin kept at room temperature loses potency after about a month. Refrigeration is still best for long term storage of unopened insulin vials.

A 45 year old man with insulin-dependent diabetes reported in the newsgroup that he has kept his insulin at room temperature for 28 years!

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