Computerizing Your Meter

The fact that you're here means you're reasonably proficient with a personal computer. So why not let your computer analyze your blood sugar readings? There are many software packages available to do just that. In addition, there are web-based systems that allow you to upload blood glucose and other data, generate graphs and charts, and share that data with health care professionals. Software packages are sorted by the type of computer on which they run.

  1. Programs for the PC
  2. Programs for the Macintosh
  3. Programs for other computers, including PDAs
  4. Online Programs

Programs for the PC

  1. Programs from Meter Companies

    1. [RECOMMENDED!] ACCU-CHEK Compass is for all ACCU-CHEK® meters with download capability
    2. [RECOMMENDED!] Precision Link® Direct Diabetes Management System is for users of the FreeStyle® meter, FreeStyle Flash® meter, FreeStyle Freedom® meter, and Precision Xtra meter by Abbott Diabetes Care.
    3. [RECOMMENDED!] OneTouch Diabetes Management Software v2.0 is for all LifeScan meters with a data port.
    4. [RECOMMENDED!] Win Glucofacts interfaces with the Ascensia DEX2 and provides an excellent, easy-to-use package that can even e-mail your blood glucose data to your doctor.

  2. Other Programs

    1. AIDA is an an educational simulator of insulin and dietary adjustment in Type 1 diabetes. It contains a simple model of glucose-insulin interaction in the human body. It is intended for simulating the effects on the blood glucose profile of changes in insulin and diet for a typical insulin-dependent diabetic patient. AIDA runs on IBM PCs or compatibles (or Apple Macintosh computers running PC emulation software such as SoftWindows or VirtualPC). In addition, AIDA On-Line Diabetes and Insulin Tutorial, accessible from the same site, is a web-based application that can help you learn about diabetes, insulin, and how food and insulin adjustments can affect blood sugar. The web-based application works from PCs, Macintosh, and Unix-based computers running modern browsers.
    2. Balance PC Diabetes Software is a complete diabetes management system that includes downloading from several types of meters, event logging, diet and weight targets, and more.
    3. BgTracker is a free blood glucose management program.
    4. DIABASS (Diabetes Assistant) by Oliver Ebert, himself a diabetic, supports input from OneTouch Profile, OneTouch II, MediSense Precision QID, AccuTrend DM, AccuTrend GC, RefloLux S, and MelliComp meters. It produces graphs and statistical analysis of insulin dosages and blood sugars. The software and on-line documentation is available in both English and German. For the latest information, visit the DIABASS homepage (English version).
    5. Diabetes Level Monitoring is a shareware diabetes management application written by South African Tony De Buys.
    6. Diabetes Partner PC by NuMedics, Inc. reads data directly from six meters (Accu-Chek Advantage, Accu-Chek Easy, Glucometer DEX, One Touch II, One Touch Profile, and Precision QID), has a 6,000-item food database, and has an electronic log book with various charts and graphs to help you manage your diabetes.
    7. The Diabetic Daily Log is a shareware blood-glucose management application that runs under Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and DOS.
    8. Diabetes Mentor is a simple diabetes management package, available for both PC's running Microsoft Windows and the Macintosh.
    9. DiaTrends by Overlook Software is designed for health care professionals to help track diabetes management outcomes. The system was designed by practicing clinical endocrinologists.
    10. GlucoseOne is a diabetes management tool that is free for non-commercial users.
    11. HealthEngage Diabetes is a diabetes management tool available for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms -- each of which can download most glucose meters.
    12. ITA Software offers commercial software for analyzing blood glucose readings. Their Web site displays several screen snapshots from their four-program commercial software bundle for Windows.
    13. Logbook is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for pump users, complete with documentation. Written by Kenneth Smith (), who has a daughter with diabetes.
    14. Maytal's BIC (Bg-Insulin-Carbs calculator) is a spreadsheet that one father uses to help manage his daughter's diabetes. You can download the spreadsheet and documentation, or a ZIPed version of both. Please address comments to the author.
    15. [RECOMMENDED!] TOUCH2 (144 KB) is a free program for use with One Touch II or One Touch Profile meters written by Victor A. Abell. To quote from the readme file:
      The application gives access to almost all the features of the meter that can be manipulated via its data port -- excluded is support for functions that would disable communications between the application and the meter. It provides limited data analysis -- an option that includes maximum, mean, minimum and standard deviation for check solution, check strip, meter error, and normal readings, plus a line graph of the normal readings. It supports methods for selecting which records will be graphed. It processes meter data in the mg/dl or mmol/l scale.

      What is truly exceptional about TOUCH2 is that the C language source code is provided too! And there's a complete description of the serial interfaces of the One Touch II and Profile meters.
    16. [RECOMMENDED!] TOUCH2 Version 2.01 Beta-1 (177 KB) compensates for a bug in the LifeScan One Touch Profile meter's DMI command. The bug prevents the Profile from converting the date, time, and units of measure to the selected formats. Date is always returned in M.D.Y. format; time, in AM/PM; and units of measure, in mg/dL. (The DMP command does the conversion correctly.)

      TOUCH2 compensates for the DMI bug by reading the meter format status separately after a dump, converting the incorrectly formated fields to their correct formats, and computing new checksums.

Programs for the Macintosh

  1. Blood Plot diabetes management software is for the Macintosh computer.
  2. Diabetes Mentor is a simple diabetes management package, available for both PC's running Microsoft Windows and the Macintosh.
  3. InsulinDiaryX is designed for OS-X.
  4. Logbook is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for pump users, complete with documentation. Written by Kenneth Smith (), who has a daughter with diabetes.
  5. SweetSheet is a full-featured Mac program for uploading and analyzing data from LifeScan One Touch II, One Touch Profile, SureStep, and FastTake meters. Compatible with virtually all Macintosh computers including the newest iMacs, iBooks, G4s, etc.

Programs for Other Computers

  1. Diabetes Manager is a diabetes management software system for various handheld computers.
  2. GlucoBase diabetes software runs on Palm OS handhelds and is designed for people with type 2 diabtes.
  3. GlucoControl is a free, PDA-based application to help you manage your blood glucose data. For PocketPC PDAs.
  4. GNU Gluco Control is an open-source diabetes management system written in Java.
  5. HP-95 Diabetes Logbook software (46 KB) by Jonathan W. Mills packs a lot into the small HP-95 palmtop computer:
    1. event codes and their meanings are user configurable by editing a text file called 'event.cnf' -- and you can have 24 codes!
    2. a lot of bullet-proofing to prevent data entry mistake has been added
    3. files may be viewed in either mg/dL or mmol/L making the software internationally usable
    4. a 'stacked' display has been added that lets you look for patterns (like how do fasting bGs compare for each day in the week)
    5. in the 'stacked' display you can search for and display either ALL readings in the week, ONE DAY's readings, or only those readings tagged with a specific EVENT code
  6. Logbook DM for Palm OS is a diabetes management application geared towards counting carbohydrates, as well as recording blood glucose data.
  7. LXGLUC is a Lotus 1-2-3 worksheet for diabetes data management system for computers running versions 2.4, "portable" or above of Lotus 1-2-3, such as the Hewlett Packard palmtops 95LX, 100LX, 200LX and OG700LX which have Lotus 1-2-3 portable in ROM, or any other MS-DOS or Windows machine.
  8. SiDiary is a great tool for managing and analyzing your diabetes data and runs on various mobile platforms, including smartphones. You can track your blood glucose levels, carbohydrates, insulin, ketones, blood pressure, and notes for the whole day on just a single screen. It suggests a bolus dose for your individual coefficients and gives graphical feedback (pie chart, line chart, etc.) and several statistic parameters (highest, lowest, average, A1C, etc.). The desktop counterpart (for Windows) has the same range of functions and additionally import, export and printing features. Language support for English, German, Dutch, Slovak, French, Czech.

Online Programs

  1. Animas has a new ezManager Diabetes Management software package, integrating insulin, activity, blood glucose and food.
  2. Dia-Log is an on-line diabetes logbook service.
  3. Abbott Diabetes Care offers several data management systems for their glucose meters
  4. Nutrihand offers online diabetes data management for people with type 1, type 2, gestational and pre-diabetes.

For More Information

  1. David Mendosa's On-line Diabetes Resources has an extensive listing of diabetes software. If you are considering using a computer program to help you manage your diabetes, be sure to check out the list.

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