Emergency Glucose

There are many ways to deal with an insulin reaction. Many adults use candy, fruit juice or soft drinks. But with children, the specially made glucose products are an excellent alternative for four reasons:

  1. No matter how good they might taste, no one will confuse these products for candy. Since children with diabetes often struggle with diet and use food as a weapon in their relationship with their parents, emergency glucose products will not be a factor in food problems.

  2. Since they won't be confused for candy, they won't disappear without your knowledge, leaving you potentially without emergency glucose in an emergency.

  3. Emergency glucose products deliver precise dosages, allowing you better control when you need it most. This also helps at school with teachers.

  4. Emergency glucose products are packaged to last. Some have a shelf life of five years. You'll never have to worry about something being stale.

Emergency glucose isn't any good if you don't have it with you. The The Quick-Fix Keychain attaches to your key ring and holds four round emergency glucose tablets (e.g., DEX4). Highly Recommended.

The table below lists both tablet and gel emergency glucose products. Gels are very good for infants and toddlers, since no chewing is required. Gels and cake frosting are also essential for groggy children who are having a severe insulin reaction and might spit out a tablet or choke on it as they chew. The gels will have an effect even if placed in the mouth and rubbed into the cheek and gums.

Emergency Glucose for Treatment of Hypoglycemia
Product Mfr Carbs Cals Flavors Package
B-D Glucose Tablets Becton-Dickenson
5 gm per tablet 18 cals per tablet Orange Three tablets per foil-backed blister card
Cake Frosting (small tube) Several vendors 3-4 gm per tube 25 calories per tube Various flavors and colors Single tube
Dex4 Can-Am Care Corp.
4 gm per tablet 17 cals per tablet Grape, lemon, orange, raspberry, watermelon 10-tablet tubes or 50-tablet bottle
DextroEnergy Can-Am Care Corp.
3 gm per tablet 12.5 cals per tablet Black currant, lemon, natural, orange & raspberry 14 tablet package
Glutose Gel Paddock Labs, Inc.
15 gm per dose 60 cals per dose Lemon Three-dose tube or three one-dose bottles
Glutose Tablets Paddock Labs, Inc.
5 gm per tablet 20 cals per tablet Lemon 12 tablets per box; on a blister card.
Insta-Glucose Medicool, Inc.
24 gm per dose 96 cals per dose Cherry Single dose plastic tube or three-tube Tri-Pak. Tubes are not resealable.
Instant Glucose Tablets Diabetes Assn. of Greater Cleveland
4 gm per tablet 13 cals per tablet Orange 10 tablets per plastic tube
Lifesavers Candy Nabisco Foods
Winston-Salem, NC (USA)
2 gm per candy 8 cals per candy Wintergreen (reviewed here) Due to their almost world-wide availability, Lifesavers are a reasonable treatment for insulin reactions.
Relief Plus Glucose Tablets Exclusively at KMart 4 gm per dose 17 cals per dose N/A Three rolls of 10 that can be refilled from 50 tablet bottle.
Smarties Candies Ce De Candy, Inc.
Union, New Jersey (USA)
5 gm per dose (1 roll) 25 cals per dose Assorted Probably the least expensive emergency glucose available.
Spree Sunline Brands
St. Louis, MO (USA)
13 gm per dose (8 pieces) 60 cals per dose Assorted Spree are usually found next to SweeTarts. They are essentially SweeTarts with a hard sucrose candy coating.
SweeTarts (bag) Sunline Brands
St. Louis, MO (USA)
11 gm per dose (2 rolls of 12 candies each) 50 cals per dose Assorted Comes in a bag with about 34 rolls, with 12 candies per roll. One serving is two rolls, or 24 candies.
SweeTarts (large roll) Sunline Brands
St. Louis, MO (USA)
12 gm per dose (8 pieces) 60 cals per dose Assorted This is a roll of the larger SweeTarts. The roll is about seven inches long with 27 candies.

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