Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes

Rufus, the bear with diabetes, is a special friend for children with diabetes. Rufus is the creation of Carol Cramer, whose son Brian was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in November 1994 at the age of three.

Rufus has patches on his arms, legs, tummy and bottom to help children learn about site rotation. You can even give Rufus a pretend injection. Rufus also has red patches on both sides of his paws so that a child can pretend to test his blood sugar. And, of course, Rufus always wears a Medic Alert bracelet.

Rufus can offer a child with diabetes a symbol of comfort and security, and comes as either a boy bear or a girl bear. Highly recommended, especially for very young children.

Rufus is made possible through the love of volunteers who believe in children. In order to cover the costs of the bear and shipping, there is a charge of US$25. To order, write to:

Rufus, The Bear With DiabetesTM
Attn: Carol Cramer
225 Pebble Creek Drive
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Rufus can also be ordered from FIFTY-50 Pharmacy in the US and Diabetic Depot in Canada.

The bears, relaxing.
Click for a larger photograph (22 KB).

-- Be sure to read about The Travels of Rufus and Ruby.

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