Food Label

The US Food Label helps you determine what nutrients are in the foods you eat. You can easily determine the number of calories; amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates; as well as vitamins and minerals. Using these labels, you can integrate just about any food item into your meal plan.

Key features of the Food Label are:

  • Serving sizes, expressed in both English and Metric units, are based on FDA established reference amounts. Be especially careful in reading serving size information.

  • Calories and calories from fat are shown for all food products. Grams of trans fat was added recently to help consumers eliminate trans fat from their diet.

  • % Daily Value shows how this serving fits into your daily meal plan.

  • Amount of each important nutrient, along with % Daily Value, helps you plan your meals.

  • Guidelines are provided for 2,000 and 2,500 calorie diets.

  • Calories per gram for protein, carbohydrates and fat are listed.
The Food Label. Click for a larger image.

For additional information about the Food Label, see

29 November 2004

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