Henry K. Bentley

Living with Diabetes Since 1943

Adapted from an article written by Mr. Frank Moss for the Walpole Gazette.

Henry K. Bentley of Putney, Vermont, is a slim, humorous man who has lived with insulin-dependent diabetes since 1943. He does not let his affliction cramp his style. An ardent flying enthusiast, he participated in building an ultralight plane at an age when most diabetic men prefer slippers and a chair by the fireside.

For years, Henry corresponded with other diabetics all over the USA and in Europe, Asia and South America. His pen-friends gave him tips that were invaluable and he, in turn, got the great inner boost of being helpful to others who needed encouragement.

He started DASH (Diabetic Association Support Hour) in Windham County in 1987. Though no longer meeting, his support group helped many others with diabetes.

"For years I fought diabetes alone and many times I was so discouraged, but finally I reached a point where I can say, 'We're not sick. We've just got diabetes.' This is the idea I want to pass on to other diabetics."

Henry can be reached via e-mail at .

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