Ruth Beck
I was diagnosed as a diabetic 25 years ago. It was just after the birth of my second child. I had had no problems with the first pregnancy. But now, looking back, I realized that I showed a few symptoms during my high school years, but was unaware of what it meant.

I was first put on oral medication but it was not long before I was taking insulin. For the first few years I got along fine. Whenever I could, I attended some educational classes.

I lived in Prince Edward Island, Canada, at the time and was instrumental in getting a Diabetes Day Care Center started. Unfortunately I moved to New Brunswick before it opened.

My next move was to Ontario where I am presently. Gradually my diabetes got worse. I have has laser surgery on both eyes.

Since I am a Medical Technologist I felt that my G.P. was looking after me properly, but I soon realized he was not being thorough enough. It was fortunate, indeed, that I gained some information through a video that I had received along with my One Touch meter. I learned about microalbumin in urine. I tested myself and then informed my G.P. that I wanted to see a specialist. So I saw a kidney specialist and an endocrinologist who has completely modified my treatment. It turns out I was resistant to NPH (I was taking a mixture of regular and NPH twice a day). Now I am on the pen taking 4 shots of regular a day.

I would like to stress to every diabetic that education is your best defense. Be informed, be persistant and ask a lot of questions.

So now I want to help others by writing a book for children. I would appreciate any feedback from any one who cares to respond. Please e-mail me with your comments.

Ruth Beck MLT

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