Ivannia Diaz

Children with Diabetes in Costa Rica

Ivannia's Photo Map of Central America Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America. Our population is around 3 million people and we have a little more than 3 hundred children with diabetes.

Even though we face some money restrictions in order to give these kids some facilities to have a good control (like glucometers, strips and printed information), many times the parents' attitude is the bigger restriction to really helping these kids.

I work as a volunteer in the Children with Diabetes Association of Costa Rica, and I know about many cases that really impact me. Like a mother who said me that she will prefer that her daugther (13 years old) will die because she thinks that to have to inject your self every day, makes you an invalid (her daugther didn't come to high school because her mother thinks that why to make she suffer more). Or the parents who don't pay attention to the todays needs of their kid, and his control because they are dreaming about a pancreas transplant that will be make his son healthy again.

Attitudes like those really makes me think that I'm very lucky with the parents I have, because they always support me. I grew up with the feeling that I can do everything that I want to.

But thank God a kid is a kid and the most of the time they have enough inside power and capacity to understand that they aren't invalids, and when you have them in a camp, and you teach them, and they learn how to take care of themselves, you can see in their faces the same smile that you see in others kids when they learn to ride a bike, or when they win a game. Even they show off about their blood tests, saying "Mine was the best of my group."

That makes me think that in most cases, the better teacher for parents is their kid; if only these parents will be able to listen to their kids' feelings and thoughts.

Personal references: Ivannia Diaz, Electronics Engineer working for RACSA (Communications Services Provider in Costa Rica). 25 years old, type I diabetes since 17. E-mail

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