Ivan Scheblykin
Ivan Scheblykin's Photo My name is Ivan Scheblykin. I am 22 years old. I live in Moscow (Russia). I was diagnosed with diabetes (Type 1) in April 1992. That time I was 18 years old and I was on my first year in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. After a couple of weeks I went out of hospital with 24 units of insulin per day. Only my relatives and two close friends had known about my disease. A first shock passed off and I began my new life with diabetes. I want to live a normal life and to have no difference in possibilities with other people.

I tried using every chance to improve working of my body. I read books about diabetes, diet and non-traditional medicine.

Life with very high level of blood sugar during some months or more before the hospitalization break down my body. The main idea of my treatment was to clear my body from all toxic matter that had accumulated in it.

It was really serious task. I took some medicine to make digesting food better, and I took special laxative for clearing intestines and liver one time per week. Also I took everyday some diabetic herbs and vitamins. Of course, I controlled my food and sugar very carefully. My doctor, who advised me on this approach, finally said to me: "You should not have time of ease, exercise will save for you." Of cause I could not even thought about so fundamental a program without support by all my family. I am very grateful to them.

I began to go in for sport. Almost every day I tried to do exercises. In fact I was not a sportsman. In my childhood I went to running and skiing, but it was not really serious. Although my mother always said me that daily exercises are necessary for health, until arising of diabetes I had no direct motivation to do it. Usually people recall about themselves, when they have already got into trouble, not earlier. This was happened with me too.

After two months (it was summer) my clearing program and intensive exercises lead to a decrease in the amount of insulin, up to 10 units per day. Every day I was jogging, cycling or playing volleyball.

In the fall (5 months since diabetes diagnosed) analyses showed that I had some residual secretion of my own insulin. The amount was some times lower than normal. This fact explained such a low dose of extra insulin that I had. My program worked and it gave me a hope.

In winter 1992-1993 I renewed my skiing training and became a member of the institute ski team and started to take part in competitions. Since January 1993 I did not use insulin at all.

So, I live with diabetes during 3.5 years but do not use insulin. Strong diet and intensive sport exercises help me to keep sugar in safety limits. It is very simple -- when I saw sugar in urine I go to cycling or jogging. (I think you realize, that it is really hard daily job.)

I should emphasise that without clearing program, I could not achieved this result. Only clearing program, sport and diet in complex could lead to the success.

Of course, in a case of illness (strong stress, flu or something else) I needed to use insulin. After recovery a dose of insulin decreased.

An amount of my physical exercises is:

Cycling and skiing are my favourite sports. When I can not cycling or skiing (usually in autumn and spring), I am jogging 2 - 7 km per day or use cycling simulator.

In my opinion, every one who is newly diagnosed with diabetes can achieve such results. It is important to have a great desire and start treatment just after leaving hospital.

Now I am a post graduate student specializing in optics and molecular spectroscopy.

I will be happy to share any of my experiences. Anyone who be interested can emails me at .

[Medical Director's comment: Ivan has an excellent combination: The good fortune to have residual insulin production, and the desire to be aggressive in managing his diabetes. Between the two, he's been able to maintain the diabetes "honeymoon" longer than many other people with diabetes.

There may be a relationship between aggressive initial therapy and prolongation of the honeymoon period. However, I'm unaware of any substantial data that favors the use of medications for digesting food, special laxatives, or herbs and vitamins in prolonging the diabetic honeymoon. WWQ]

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