George Forrest

My name is George Forrest and I have had type1 diabetes for 43 years (I'm 50 years old). I enjoy a perfectly normal life since I started controlling my diabetes some 14 years ago. Many years ago I developed a lot of physical complications from lack of control. This included deteriorating eyesight (diabetic retinopathy), ulcers on my feet and legs, serious gum disease, and generally poor health from lack of control and ignoring my diabetes. When I was 36 I lost my eyesight for two months when my eyes hemorrhaged. Fortunately my vision was restored with laser surgery. At that point in my life I started taking control of my disease and everything changed for the better.

With regular exercise, proper diet, meal planning, and monitoring my glucose levels daily, my condition improved dramatically. My vision is better than before as I had cataracts removed 3 years ago and I no longer have to wear glasses. I also lost 25 pounds two years ago with proper exercise and diet and have kept it off. My blood pressure is lower and my cholesterol is 125. I reduced my insulin intake in half and through moderation, I can enjoy most foods. At 50 I actually run a mile four times a week with other exercise and have never felt better in my life. I just wish I had started sooner.

By taking care of your diabetes and listening to your doctor, you can be healthier than most people your age without diabetes because you pay attention to your health. The important thing is that you can reduce the risk of serious complications such as blindness, kidney disease, and possible amputation of your toes, feet and legs by watching your diabetes.

Diabetes doesn't have to be a bad word. Proper diet, moderate exercise, and checking your glucose levels regularly will greatly improve your health. Start today and take control! YOU CONTROL THE DIABETES, DON'T LET IT CONTROL YOU!

Thanks, George Forrest
San Angelo, Texas


Published December 21, 2003

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