Hello from France: My name's Patrick, I'm 32 years old, l live in Eastern France and I practice running. I have been diabetic (type 1) since the age of 7. Now I'm a marathon-man and I want to show to the people with diabetes and the children with diabetes that it is possible to have a happy and normal life, and it is possible to practice sports as much as you want with managing diabetes.

Our French association: I take care about children with diabetes in diabetes association located in France (called AJD that means "Aid for Young Diabetics"). The 50th anniversary of the association will be next year. AJD organized summer camps after some doctors and professors discovered the American ones in the 50's. It also has many Family Diabetes Support Groups, everywhere in France. Mine is located in Belfort, Eastern France. We do many sports and diabetes education with games in camps and support groups. AJD organize big meetings about diabetes and contribute to diabetes research. I have learn how to manage my diabetes thanks to AJD !

Running with diabetes: I've been running for 10 years. I train a lot during the weeks before a marathon. That requires physical training and diabetes training too. I must eat "slow acting" sugars (as pastas) before a race and "fast acting" sugars (as glucose tablet or sweetened drink) during the competition. I must also often check my blood glucose level and lower my insulin dose (I have 3 insulin shots in a day). The rule to succeed a race is : no hyper, no hypo. I often finish the competition with a normal glycaemia, as if I had lost my diabetes by running ! But it is still there, I have just been stronger than it. Sport is good for your health.

I have already run the New York Marathon and the Paris Marathon and many other races in France. My next challenge will be running the Chicago Marathon on October 9th, 2005. Please send me e-mails or come and cheer me during the marathon coming soon. Then it will be the Dublin marathon in Ireland on 31th October, then the Paris marathon next year, ... to be continued ...

Just live you life with diabetes and remember diabetes is not an obstacle!

Good luck!

jd.au1 AT


Published October 1, 2005

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