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Current Legislative and Legal News

    22 October 2006

  1. Your Job Or Your Life.
  2. FTC and FDA Act Against Internet Vendors of Fraudulent Diabetes Cures and Treatments. See also List of Firms Receiving Warning Letters for Marketing Unproven Dietary Supplements for Diabetes with Illegal Drug Claims, and Warning about fake diabetes cures.

    1 October 2006

  3. Improving Care for People With Diabetes by Senator Susan Collins.
  4. Too few nurses for students.

    24 September 2006

  5. Reduced care may harm pupils at risk.
  6. Schools pondering 'what if' scenarios with lack of nurses.

    17 September 2006

  7. For Insurance, Adult Children Ride Piggyback highlights the challenge many young people with diabetes face -- getting health insurance.

    10 September 2006

  8. Lehigh school neglected diabetic child; Mother filed complaint after second-grader given improper insulin doses.
  9. Madison boy will testify about bill requiring diabetic care in schools.

    20 August 2006

  10. AB1667 has passed the California Legislature. If not vetoed by the Governor, this bill will limit the provision of specialized health care services in California schools. For more information, see DREDF opposes AB 1667 -- a California bill that will harm children who require specialized physical health care services at school.

    9 July 2006

  11. Action plan set to help diabetics reports on efforts underway in Scotland to improve diabetes care.

    25 June 2006

  12. Bill would allow kids to give diabetes shots. See also A bill allows diabetic children to take insulin shots.

    21 May 2006

  13. Brothers returned to parents.
  14. Don't use kids as pawns in turf war.
  15. Return diabetic boy, brother to their parents, doctor says.

    14 May 2006

  16. Diabetes education component removed from Cover Tennessee.
  17. Taken, as if they're not yours; Quebec parents of a diabetic son who refused to send him to an 'unsafe' school lose him to the state. See also Home schooling dispute leads to foster care.
  18. Woman in a diabetic coma 'was thrown off bus'.

    30 April 2006

  19. Legislation will allow students sharps access. See also Law shows common sense that's been lost on educators.

    23 April 2006

  20. Modified school diabetes bill should be passed in Legislature. You can also view the text of the bill.

    9 April 2006

  21. Massachusetts Sets Health Plan for Nearly All. See also Health Care Access and Affordability Conference Committee Report.

    2 April 2006

  22. Diabetes driving rules reassessed.
  23. Bill allowing students to administer medicine has some unhappy.
  24. Nurse gives dose of reality in diabetic debate.
  25. Bills Would Allow Students To Self-Medicate For Asthma, Diabetes. See also Nebraska LB 1107 - Committee Statement.
  26. FMCSA reconsidering diabetes standard. For details, see Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 49 CFR Part 391, [Docket No. FMCSA–2005–23151] RIN 2126–AA95, Qualifications of Drivers; Diabetes Standard.

    26 March 2006

  27. Take Action - S.1955 Threatens Diabetes Coverage Laws.
  28. Grandfather's bill would help diabetic students.
  29. Parents of diabetic, 7, win a victory; Wellesley camp operator won't bar such children.

    19 March 2006

  30. Health group pulls obesity ads over diabetes dustup. See also Childhood obesity ads revised after uproar by diabetic kids' parents; Panel's spots didn't distinguish between types of the disease and No more 'buy me some diabetes' ads.
  31. Schneider: Former school secretary says parents need to do more.

    12 March 2006

  32. Senate approves bill that allows unlicensed school personnel to treat diabetes. For additional information, see Indiana Senate Bill 0336.
  33. Bill aids kids with diabetes.

    5 March 2006

  34. Workers with diabetes lose jobs.

    26 February 2006

  35. Diabetic's family sues the county.

    12 February 2006

  36. Bill Would Keep Diabetic Kids Safe At School.
  37. Family Sues When After-School Care Refuses To Give Boy Diabetes Shots.

    29 January 2006

  38. Mother of diabetic sues Metro Schools.

    8 January 2006

  39. Legislators skeptical of health insurance bills.

    1 January 2006

  40. Many Laws To Go Into Effect In 2006. See also Yee's Foster Care Bill Signed into Law; Governor Signs Life-Saving Legislation for Foster Care Children with Diabetes
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