Cyber Quacks
Cyber Quack:
Someone who hunts through cyberspace seeking to make money at the expense of those in need of medical help or advice.

We strive to provide you with the most scientifically accurate and relevant information about diabetes. This includes answers to questions posed to the Diabetes Team, reviews and information about products, as well as information about food and diet. Our goal is to help you manage your diabetes or your child's diabetes better.

There are a small number of others, however, with a different intent altogether, who visit this web site and other cyberspace locations where people meet seeking health care information. These people seek not to help you but to lighten your purse or wallet. They promise amazing recoveries and improved health, if you'll only send them your name and address and credit card information. They claim to have found a new medical breakthrough, or to have discovered something used for centuries by a group of people that is only now available to us all. They often speak of conspiracies to suppress information about their product. When approached by claims like these, be very wary!

Unsolicited commercial e-mail containing wild claims, or postings of similar material in newsgroups or chat rooms, are by and large the fruits of people interested in making money at your expense. They provide no scientific evidence, only "testimonials" by people who have been "miraculously cured" or whose medical condition has been "dramatically improved" by the use of their product. Testimonials are not science and have no weight at all in the determination of whether or not a particular product has any medicinal use.

We frequently receive e-mails from people claiming to have found a miracle cure for diabetes. If it's not colloidal minerals or a tape made by dead doctors, it's rice bran or mega-doses of vitamins. We've even received e-mails claiming that walking backwards cures diabetes. Don't be fooled: there is no cure for diabetes! At least not yet.

Have faith in your diabetes team. They will let you know when there is a new diabetes therapy that will help you or your child. The day there is a cure for diabetes, you'll also be able to read about it on our home page.

Examples of Cyber Quackery and Other Dubious Claims

  1. Life Solubles has Arrived (unsolicited commercial e-mail)
  2. E'laine Schelske (unsolicited commercial e-mail)
  3. Question submitted to the Diabetes Team about stabilized rice bran
  4. Tahitian Noni (unsolicited commercial e-mail)

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Updated August 26, 2004

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