Sick Days

Sick Days

Imagine this: your diabetic child has just gotten up, had a blood test, received the morning's insulin shot and eaten breakfast. Then, without warning, the child throws up breakfast. She also says that she felt bad when she woke up. What do you do?

Managing sick days is not as hard as it might seem. Here are a few guidelines:

  1. NEVER skip an insulin shot, even if your child complains of not feeling well. Illness often causes an increased need for insulin.
  2. Test your child's blood sugar often -- at least every four hours.
  3. Test the urine for ketones whenever your child goes to the bathroom.
  4. Small amounts of grape juice or regular cola can help keep your child's blood sugar from dropping too low, even if they're reluctant to eat.
  5. Call your doctor if your child can't keep any food or liquid down. You might need to take your child to the hospital or doctor's office for a glucose I.V.

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