Diabetes Management at School

Diabetes Management at School

This guide provides an outline for school districts to use in designing a diabetes management program. The specific roles and actions that various staff need to perform are identified and supporting materials are included. Each page can be displayed in a format that is easy to print so you can use this as your diabetes management plan.

The information in this guide is not intended to replace the advice of the student's diabetes team.


  1. Effective Diabetes Management at School
  2. Developing a Diabetes Management Program in Your School
  3. Action Steps for a Diabetes Management Plan
  4. General Information About the Child with Diabetes For School Personnel
  5. Handling the Child with Diabetes at School
  6. Psycho-Social Aspects of Diabetes
  7. Feelings Associated with Having Diabetes
  8. The ABCs of Daily Management
  9. Acute Emergencies of Diabetes
  10. Information for Parents and Guardians
  11. Note from the Nurse to School Staff
  12. Actions for the Principal
  13. Actions for the Teacher
  14. Actions for the Counselor
  15. Actions for Health Personnel
  16. Actions for Coaches and Physical Education Teachers
  17. Actions for Food Service Personnel
  18. Healthcare Plan Checklist
  19. Diabetes Health History
  20. School Health Care Action Plan For Diabetes/Hypoglycemia
  21. Diabetes Health Care Emergency Action Plan
  22. Consent For Release Of Confidential Information
  23. Blood Glucose And Insulin Procedures
  24. 504 Dietary Plan

Stephanie Schwartz, RN, MPH, CDE

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Published 1 August 1999

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