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Diabetes care is part of life, so we often find ourselves checking blood sugars, taking insulin, and changing infusion sets in interesting places. Athletes with diabetes must integrate diabetes care into their sport. Here are some examples of kids and adults doing just that. Send in your photos to share by emailing them, along with your name, location, and date, to

Athletics and Sports

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Jake is checking his blood while hunting caribou on the Sagavanirktok (Sag) River, above the Arctic Circle, Alaska.
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Jack, age 7, of Louisville, Kentucky checking his blood before going tubing.
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Alison is 10 years old and was diagnosed three years ago and started pumping in December 2004. She is very active in her dance company and is shown here checking her blood sugar before a dance competition at Knotts Berry Farm, California.

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Matthew, age 7 1/2, checking his blood sugar on a snowmobile ride on March 19, 2005 in Caribou, Maine
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Nick, age 8, at the Othello Train Tunnels in Hope, British Columbia, Canada, on March 29, 2005. This is Nick's favourite place to bike ride with Dad. Nick was diagnosed at age three and has been on a pump for just over a year.
Fien, age 14, from the Netherlands, checking her bloodsugar during a break in an international swim meet over Easter 2005. Fien is a very ambitious swimmer and waterpoloplayer and has had diabetes since September 2004. Diabetes has made her even more determined to enjoy and improve her swimming skills.

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Send in your photos to share by emailing them, along with your name, location, and date, to

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