Blood Tests and Insulin Injections

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Blood Tests and Insulin Injections

  1. Our recently diagnosed daughter has no problems with her NovoLog injections, but doesn't like getting her Lantus. What do you suggest? (11 Nov 2008)
  2. Does excess milking of the finger alter one's blood glucose level? (11 Nov 2008)
  3. How much of a difference can there be in a fasting report done by laboratory and an Accu-Chek home glucose meter? (21 Oct 2008)
  4. When I used my pre-filled pen, blood leaked into the pen and mixed with the insulin. Is this normal? Will the insulin still work? (20 Oct 2008)
  5. We got an I-port for our son, but we can't get it to function properly, leading to high blood sugars. Do others have similar problems? (17 Sep 2008)
  6. When my son was first diagnosed, I was told to do a fasting test, one at breakfast, one at lunch and then dinner. Could you explain the reason and how it is done? (25 Aug 2008)
  7. My child's doctor says the OneTouch Ultra is more accurate than the Freestyle Flash, which I prefer for its nightlight. What is your opinion? (8 Jul 2008)
  8. My son is very thin so we inject insulin in the backs of his arms and hip only, but these spots are getting thick causing painful injections. What do you suggest? (1 Jun 2008)
  9. Can I use the Injex 30 system with my child? Do you have any comments about this device? (19 May 2008)
  10. What are the most gentle lancets? (10 May 2008)
  11. My daughter spaces her NovoLog injections at a minimum of three hours apart. I've heard some people do overlaps. Is there a formula to use for overlapping doses? (22 Apr 2008)
  12. Has any research been done on breathalyzer meters as an alternative to regular meters that take blood samples? (18 Mar 2008)
  13. Regardless of my son's blood sugar level, my wife does not give our son his mealtime insulin until after he eats. Is this normal? (5 Jan 2008)
  14. How long after a meal should one expect to get an accurate reading? What is the blood sugar range for people who do not have diabetes? (17 Dec 2007)
  15. Does the use of scented lotions, soaps or hand sanitizer on your hands prior to testing your blood sugar have any effect on the outcome of a blood glucose reading? (12 Nov 2007)
  16. I'm really depressed about having diabetes, especially since I can't get rid of the swelling at my injection sites. How can I get rid of the swelling? (26 Oct 2007)
  17. Newly diagnosed, my son is on Humalog and NPH in the morning. Can I premix the insulins at 5 a.m., two hours before he gives himself the injection? (4 Sep 2007)
  18. Sometimes I hit a blood vessel and bleed out when doing my insulin injection so I don't know how much insulin is injected. What should I do in this situation? (26 Aug 2007)
  19. Sometimes I get air bubbles under my skin when I do my insulin injections. Is that bad? How can I eliminate the bubbles? (14 Aug 2007)
  20. We recently gave our 12 year old responsibility for drawing up and administering her insulin. She admitted to giving herself extra insulin. How dangerous is this? (4 Jun 2007)

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