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  1. My mum had a foot ulcer that is healing well, but she now has no appetite and her neck is very stiff. Should I be worried about kidney failure? (27 Dec 2008)
  2. I take Lyrica for neuropathy, but the dose wears off too soon. Should I take more or be on a higher dose? Are there any other helpful drugs? (5 Nov 2008)
  3. After several years of poor control and high blood sugars, I am in better control, but have shooting, burning pain, mainly in my back and shoulders. Is this neuropathy? (31 Oct 2008)
  4. An adult endocrinologist told my 19-year-old son that he will never get complications if he maintains the excellent control he's had so far. Do you agree with this? (30 Sep 2008)
  5. My nephew is now blind in one eye and has bleeding in both. He was told to wait three weeks for surgery. Should he do so? What will happen with the bleeding? (27 Sep 2008)
  6. My 13-year-old hasn't been taking proper care of herself lately. She recently had a high protein level in her urine. What does this mean? (21 Sep 2008)
  7. If you follow your doctor's advice and keep your sugars in range as close as possible, will you definitely have complications of diabetes? (12 Sep 2008)
  8. I've had type 1 for 10 years. Recently, I've been having pains in the joints of my fingers and toes and very cold hands and feet. Could this be the beginning of neuropathy? (27 Aug 2008)
  9. For two years, I've had periods where I've had trouble getting an erection. I'm afraid of having sex. What is going on? (21 Aug 2008)
  10. Diagnosed at two, my teen daughter stopped caring about proper care two years ago and has had elevated A1cs and protein in her urine. Isn't she too young for complications? (16 Aug 2008)
  11. I have an unspecified eating disorder and mild gastroparesis. I purge or bolus too much insulin to get my stomach to feel empty, but then may be low. What else can I do? (18 Jul 2008)
  12. Can hyperglycemia cause peripheral neuropathy whereas occasional HYPOglycemia causes autonomic neuropathy? (16 Jul 2008)
  13. My A1cs have been 6.5 or less, but I have been on NSAIDs for about six weeks. Could the NSAIDs be the reason my urine total protein was elevated? (6 Jul 2008)
  14. My brother has pre-diabetes and had normal urine tests. But, the laboratory results indicated he was in the early stage of diabetic nephropathy. Why is this? (30 Jun 2008)
  15. Is there proof that diabetic neuropathy is developed due to persisting hyperglycemia for prolonged time? (24 Jun 2008)
  16. Are you aware of any research studies showing that a high protein diet causes damage to otherwise healthy kidneys in type 1 or type 2 diabetics? (24 Jun 2008)
  17. Because it feels like food is sitting in my stomach, I have been purging a little of some of my meals. Given my past abdominal trauma, could this be gastroparesis? (16 May 2008)
  18. My daughter has has been complaining of ankle pain. Her ankles, fingers and face look puffy. Could it be her shoes? At 11, is she too young for kidney problems and neuropathy? (13 Apr 2008)
  19. I've had diabetes for 13 years. I had to withdrawal from college due to severe gastroparesis. Could there be another cause for my slow gastric emptying? (11 Apr 2008)
  20. My friend is not taking care of her diabetes. When I've seen her meter, I saw nothing but elevated blood sugars. Those reading are infrequent. What can I do to help her? (5 Apr 2008)

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