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Diagnosis and Symptoms

  1. My son had a slightly elevated fasting blood sugar so the doctor ordered an OGTT. Is is normal for children to have such an elevated blood sugar? (9 Jan 2009)
  2. Based on my patient's laboratory results and diagnosis of type 1, can you give me a second opinion about his treatment, diet, exercise, etc.? (29 Dec 2008)
  3. Symptomatic for diabetes, my son had some random elevated blood sugars. Blood work done by the doctor does not indicate diabetes. What should I do? (29 Dec 2008)
  4. Six months after her diagnosis with type 1, my daughter is again wetting her bed. Why would this be happening? (22 Dec 2008)
  5. My son has had a variety of symptoms for five years, including some random high blood sugars. Tests have never provided a diagnosis. What should we do? (22 Dec 2008)
  6. Two of my daughters were diagnosed with type 1 recently. A third had an A1c of 6.2, but is asymptomatic. Could she be in the early stages of diabetes? (22 Dec 2008)
  7. Based on the following laboratory values received today, what type of diabetes might I have and how might it best be treated? (19 Dec 2008)
  8. An ER doctor said our son has probably diabetes, but subsequent tests said this may not be correct. Can you help us understand what is going on with our son? (11 Dec 2008)
  9. About a month ago, my son was diagnosed with type 1, but I keep needing to reduce his insulin due to low blood sugars. Could he have been misdiagnosed? (8 Dec 2008)
  10. Based on his GAD result, my son will eventually be diagnosed with type 1, according to the pediatrician. Can you help me understand my son's diabetes status? (6 Dec 2008)
  11. While laboratory testing indicated a normal blood sugar, some of my daughter's post meal blood sugars have been elevated. What does this mean? (3 Dec 2008)
  12. Our toddler was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Based on her laboratory results, can you give us a second opinion? (2 Dec 2008)
  13. The doctor said my six-year-old has diabetes because of vaginal discharge, but recently said her blood sugar was normal. Why would she still have the discharge? (1 Dec 2008)
  14. About a year ago, my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. Over the summer, we stopped insulin due to lows. Based on her situation and test results, is this really diabetes? (22 Nov 2008)
  15. My daughter has had secondary nocturnal enuresis. She had a coxsackie virus in August. What are the odds she could now have diabetes so soon after the virus? (21 Nov 2008)
  16. For two years, my daughter has been very sick. I now suspect she may have diabetes, even though she doesn't have too many symptoms. What is your opinion? (21 Nov 2008)
  17. My daughter's blood sugar was 3.4 mmol/L [61 mg/dl] at the doctor's office, not diabetes. At home, her blood sugars are often quite high. What could this be? (17 Nov 2008)
  18. I took my symptomatic daughter to the pediatrician. He said it was not diabetes because there was no glucose in her urine. Shouldn't he have ordered a fasting blood sugar test? (17 Nov 2008)
  19. I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, but my blood sugars are now in range. Could this be the honeymoon of LADA? Might I have been misdiagnosed? (11 Nov 2008)
  20. I discovered my grandson's had an elevated blood sugar. The doctor indicated she'd check later at my grandson's next check-up. Shouldn't there be more concern? (4 Nov 2008)

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