Exercise and Sports

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Exercise and Sports

  1. I got a pump band that goes on the leg for my son to use during soccer. Is this a good choice or should he disconnect? (21 Aug 2008)
  2. Is there an organization or trainer that you're aware of that works with diabetic children to help them with their sugar, energy level, and overall performance? (18 Aug 2008)
  3. My pump is not waterproof so I'd like some suggestions on how to handle my pump and diabetes management during an upcoming rafting trip. (12 Jun 2008)
  4. Do you know what weight lifting supplement is the best for a type 1 diabetic or should I avoid them all? (11 May 2008)
  5. Do people with diabetes reach a point at which they plateau athletically and seem not be able to progress further? (29 Apr 2008)
  6. Will showering after a Lantus injection affect its absorption? How would exercising before the shot affect its absorption? (23 Mar 2008)
  7. My daughter was just diagnosed in January. I was told to check her blood sugar before and after soccer practice. If she's in range, what do need to do? (9 Mar 2008)
  8. Can I take a protein supplement without having any diabetes problems, i.e. no reduction in blood sugars? I want to use them to help with my weightlifting. (9 Mar 2008)
  9. My daughter lifts weights in the morning, then runs for about an hour prior to college soccer practice. She's often too high to practice. What can she do? (4 Feb 2008)
  10. Although I eat heartily, I sometimes go low after mountain biking. How can I prevent this? If I reduce my insulin prior to exercising, to avoid the lag effect, would I lost weight? (28 Jan 2008)
  11. I would really like to know if Doug Burns used supplements like whey protein or creatine. If he did, which ones did he take? (24 Jan 2008)
  12. My son, who is a wrestler, will soon be getting a pump. Will he have any pain if he wrestles with the infusion set/canula in his body? (25 Nov 2007)
  13. My young daughter is a gymnast and we are considering getting her a pump. Are there other gymnasts who use a pump? Do they wear the pump during gymnastics? (31 Oct 2007)
  14. My teen son has had severe cramping in his legs, thighs, groin, arms and calves after his last two football games. How can he prevent them? (27 Oct 2007)
  15. How can I get my teen son to take better care of himself? Is it safe for him to take creatine? He lifts weights. (16 Oct 2007)
  16. What is the recommended practice for exercise with elevated blood glucose without ketones? (21 Sep 2007)
  17. Six months ago, I was diagnosed with hyperglycemia and put on insulin. After three months, I stopped insulin and went on metformin. What type of diabetes do I have? (24 Aug 2007)
  18. My son is doing a 20 mile sponsored walk for school. How should he manage his diabetes during this event? (7 Aug 2007)
  19. Do you have any tips on how to keep my blood sugar in a good range for athletics? (25 Jul 2007)
  20. Just diagnosed with type 2, I've been put on Glucophage. I was told not to exercise when my blood sugar is elevated. Could you explain this better? (7 May 2007)

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