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Family Planning

  1. Are there any drugs or supplements men with diabetes should avoid when they are trying to father a child? Has this ever been studied? (15 Nov 2005)
  2. Can type 2 diabetes itself or one of the medications my husband is taking cause infertility issues? (24 Oct 2005)
  3. My husband and I are trying to conceive our second child. Are my odds of conceiving lower because my husband has type 1? (15 Oct 2005)
  4. Why would a female in good control of her diabetes have high DHEAS levels? Would metformin help reduce the level? (30 Sep 2005)
  5. How does one get tested to see if they have type 1A or type 1B? Does the type affect one's fertility? Is there a difference in how the two types are treated? (14 Mar 2005)
  6. Can people with diabetes have children? (21 Jan 2005)
  7. In a person on oral medications for type 2, can occasional high blood sugars spoil his sperm quality? What do you recommend? Does he need vitamins? (28 Dec 2004)
  8. At 35 weeks, I had a stillborn baby, which was related to my type 1 diabetes. Will this happen with a future pregnancy? (21 Oct 2004)
  9. I've gotten my A1c down to 5.5 in an effort to minimize complications and get pregnant. My doctor says this is too low. Why? (26 Aug 2004)
  10. When I recently miscarried, my A1c was 8.4. How long will it take to lower it? What should it be, if and when, I decide to get pregnant again? (25 Aug 2004)
  11. I have had type 1 for eight years. My doctor suspects I have IBD. How would this affect me? Is this why I can't conceive? (4 Aug 2004)
  12. Where did you find the recommendation that diabetic women planning for pregnancy should take 4 to 5 mg/day of folic acid? (31 Jul 2004)
  13. I have type 2 and would like to get pregnant soon. What are the health risks for me and my baby? Will my diabetes get worse after pregnancy? (28 Jul 2004)
  14. I have had high blood sugars and stomach cramps for two to three weeks. A pregnancy test was negative. Could I be pregnant? (28 Jul 2004)
  15. Other retinopathy patients say it's not a good idea to get pregnant. Will pregnancy have a negative effect on already treated proliferative retinopathy? (25 May 2004)
  16. What issues do I need to consider before committing to my boyfriend? We are considering marriage. He has had type 1 diabetes for over ten years. (17 May 2004)
  17. My 17 year old friend, who has type 1 and uses a pump, has become sexually active. What is the best female contraception for her? (13 May 2004)
  18. Do women with type 1 diabetes have a harder time conceiving? (15 Apr 2004)
  19. Is it normal for type 1 diabetic women to go into labor early? Should I be allowed to carry a baby full term? (6 Apr 2004)
  20. I have had type 1 diabetes for 13 years. My girlfriend also has it. What are the consequences for our marriage? (9 Mar 2004)

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