Genetics and Heredity

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Genetics and Heredity

  1. Can the newborn baby of a hyperglycemic mother have hypoglycemia? What are the consequences for that baby? (12 Sep 2008)
  2. My one son was born with hypothyroidism. Another has type 1 and my husband has low testosterone levels. Are these conditions related/genetic? (24 Jun 2008)
  3. My niece has been complaining of tingling from her waist down. Should she be tested for a partial trisomy since there are genetic issues in our family? (11 May 2008)
  4. I read about a connection between blood glucose and likelihood of determining the sex of your unborn child. Does this mean type 1s are more likely to give birth to boys? (10 May 2008)
  5. Diagnosed last August, my teen son is unable to gain weight. What could be the problem? Should he have further tests? What are the risks for my older son? (3 Mar 2008)
  6. My girlfriend has type 1. What are the chances our children would have it, too? Is genetic mapping helpful for determining the chances that babies will have diabetes or not? (25 Feb 2008)
  7. Both my husband and his father have diabetes. Is there something I can do prior to conception or during my pregnancy to prevent our children from getting it? (28 Jan 2008)
  8. Our 11-year-old has had type 1 for seven years. Now, her younger sister has been diagnosed with it. Do my wife and I have certain genes that caused their diabetes? (7 Nov 2007)
  9. I have type 1 and my boyfriend's dad has type 2 What are the chances that our children might get either kind of diabetes? (7 Nov 2007)
  10. Could my husband have gotten type 1 from eating too many sweets throughout his life? How can we prevent our children from getting the disease? (21 Oct 2007)
  11. My husband and two daughters have type 1. My son has celiac, like his father and one sister, and I have hypothyroidism. Why DOESN"T my son have type 1 diabetes? (15 Aug 2007)
  12. My wife's brother has DIDMOAD. What are the odds that our offspring could inherit this condition? (27 Jun 2007)
  13. I've had type 1 for 20 years. What are the chances my toddler will get it? Is it safe for me to get pregnant again? Will this advance complications in the future? (15 Jun 2007)
  14. Is diabetes, type 1 or type 2, always hereditary? (25 Apr 2007)
  15. I've heard that type 1 is hereditary. If so, why am I the only person in my family with it? (2 Apr 2007)
  16. A nurse/midwife has advised me not to conceive because of health risks for the baby. If I have in-range blood sugars, what are the risks to the baby? (19 Feb 2007)
  17. I have type 1 and my husband has type 2. What are the odds our daughter could develop diabetes? Her blood sugar was 132 mg/dl [7.3 mmol/L]. Should we take her to a doctor? (25 Jan 2007)
  18. Statistics say the odds of a sibling of a type 1 being diagnosed with type 1 are 3 to 5%, but I know of five other families with two children with type 1. Why is this? (7 Jan 2007)
  19. Can you tell me if having type 1 diabetes will predispose a person to having any of the "antibodies" or "genetic markers" that are found in a person with confirmed celiac disease? (26 Oct 2006)
  20. My son has idiopathic glucose intolerance. Will it get worse with time? Does a parent with pernicious anemia make a child more likely to have a certain type of diabetes? (3 Oct 2006)

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