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  1. About a month ago, my son was diagnosed with type 1, but I keep needing to reduce his insulin due to low blood sugars. Could he have been misdiagnosed? (8 Dec 2008)
  2. Recently diagnosed, my daughter is experiencing huge swings in her blood sugar. What is happening to her body when this happens? (8 May 2008)
  3. How long can a honeymoon phase last? After several years with diabetes, I use very little insulin and have few highs and wonder if I could still be in my honeymoon. (9 Feb 2008)
  4. Diagnosed a month ago, my daughter is honeymooning, taking Lantus only. Is there anything I can do to help prolong her honeymoon? (14 Jan 2008)
  5. My 38 pound daughter takes between 11.5 and 15 units daily. Is she still in her honeymoon? What should I expect when it ends? How will I know when it's over? (16 Dec 2007)
  6. Diagnosed with type 1 when I was in DKA, I was told to stop taking insulin because of my lows. Might I not have type 1? Could I be in my honeymoon period? (14 Jun 2007)
  7. Diagnosed two weeks ago, my toddler's blood sugar is often lower than 100 mg/dl [5.6 mmol/L] in the morning. Is this the "honeymoon?" (19 May 2007)
  8. Since her diagnosis in March, my daughter's insulin needs have dropped drastically. The doctor is unsure she has type 1 or MODY. Could this be the honeymoon? (13 May 2007)
  9. Last June, I was put on insulin. I have improved my lifestyle and have been able to stop taking it. Is this a honeymoon or something else? (31 Mar 2007)
  10. When do you know the honeymoon period is over? (18 Feb 2007)
  11. For the first time since her diagnosis, my daughter is having blood sugars over 200 mg/dl [11.1 mmol/L]. Is this related to her growth hormones kicking in? (9 Feb 2007)
  12. Diagnosed in August 2006, my daughter needed much less insulin during a recent illness. Did her pancreas speed up its insulin production? Now running high, has her honeymoon ended? (17 Jan 2007)
  13. For the second time since her 2005 diagnosis, my daughter's insulin amount needs to be reduced. Is this a second honeymoon or the same honeymoon? Is there something else going on? (4 Jan 2007)
  14. Since his diagnosis and commencing insulin, my son's had low blood sugars. Is it possible that there is another reason for that initial high blood sugar? (21 Dec 2006)
  15. Is it normal to have wide variations in one's blood sugar during the honeymoon period? Since I'm having post-breakfast lows, could I stop taking my NovoMix 30? (21 Dec 2006)
  16. Since his diagnosis a week ago, my son has been ill and having low blood sugars. Is he entering the "honeymoon" phase? Do we need to adjust his insulin? (14 Dec 2006)
  17. Diagnosed four years ago, my niece runs low when sick, even when taking less insulin.Could she still be in her honeymoon? (6 Dec 2006)
  18. My son was just diagnosed two weeks ago. Now, we are reducing his insulin due to lows. Is this his honeymoon period? (5 Dec 2006)
  19. Should a person be treated with insulin during the honeymoon phase? Based on my history, am I really in the honeymoon? Could I not have diabetes? (7 Nov 2006)
  20. Why can't everyone maintain excellent control for life if they take their insulin, count carbohydrates and do what they are supposed to be doing? With higher blood sugars, is my son's honeymoon ending? (23 Oct 2006)

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