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  1. I have type 1 and hypothyroidism. Could I have another endocrine problem for which I have not been tested? (27 Aug 2008)
  2. At home, my daughter has had elevated blood sugars. During an OGTT, her blood sugar dropped to 70 mg/dl [3.9 mmol/L]. Could she have had a hypoglycemic reaction? (22 Aug 2008)
  3. I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia a few years ago. Recently, my blood sugars have been somewhat elevated, but then drop a bit. Is this normal? (15 Aug 2008)
  4. My son becomes pale and weak and has a strange odor on his breath when hungry. After he eats, the symptoms disappear. Is this low blood sugar? (11 Aug 2008)
  5. I suspect my daughter has hypoglycemia, like me. Her fasting test results were fine, according to the doctor's office. What should I do? (20 Jul 2008)
  6. My daughter had a severe low today at school. I had her skip soccer practice and am monitoring her more closely. Are there any other things of which I should be aware? (24 Jun 2008)
  7. Local policy dictates that only an EMT or school nurse can administer glucagon. Is it just not that necessary to administer immediately to an unconscious, seizing child? (24 Jun 2008)
  8. If a diabetic patient with persisting highs can get hypoglycemia like symptoms and counterregulations to hypoglycemia and tries to get better control via medication, can he get hypoglycemia unawareness? (22 Jun 2008)
  9. When my young son has stomach viruses, we have to cut back on his insulin drastically. Once on the road to recovery, he still doesn't need meal boluses. How is this possible? (19 May 2008)
  10. I've had type 1 for about two years. Two doctors adjusted my insulin due to persistent highs. Now on HUMINSULIN 30/70, I am having many lows. What do you recommend? (17 May 2008)
  11. My daughter uses Lucozade for the treatment of lows. What is the U.S. equivalent of this product? She is travelling to Utah for a ski trip and may need to get a substitute. (13 Apr 2008)
  12. When one rebounds from a low, what is the range for the rebound blood sugar? Could the amount of insulin one still produces affect the rebound? (11 Apr 2008)
  13. When my young son experienced his first low recently, it was very scary. He said he was seeing monsters, snakes, ghosts, etc. Is this normal? (31 Mar 2008)
  14. About once every three months, my son has a few days of unexplainable lows. His thyroid is normal and he tested negative for celiac. Why would this happen? (24 Mar 2008)
  15. The mom of a boy in my care wants me to administer 2 units of insulin to her son when he is treated for a low because he is sometimes high later. I'd prefer to give a smaller snack. What is your opinion? (12 Mar 2008)
  16. Last night, my son's bedtime blood sugar was 140 mg/dl [7.8 mmol/L], but dropped to 40 mg/dl [2.2 mmol/L] 30 minutes later. Is a drop like this "normal?" (10 Mar 2008)
  17. What could potentially happen to my son if no one were around to assist him in coming out of a coma/seizure? (31 Jan 2008)
  18. My seven-year-old behaves very poorly at school when his blood sugar is low. Yesterday, he was unresponsive, but his blood sugar was fine. Could this be diabetes related or something else? (29 Jan 2008)
  19. Although I eat heartily, I sometimes go low after mountain biking. How can I prevent this? If I reduce my insulin prior to exercising, to avoid the lag effect, would I lost weight? (28 Jan 2008)
  20. I have heard that using cornstarch mixed with milk can help with nighttime hypoglycemia. If so, could you please give me the amount and explain why this works? (22 Jan 2008)

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