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  1. What diabetes supplies will my daughter be able to find when she goes to Israel to study? Do you know of any doctors she could contact, if necessary? (19 Nov 2008)
  2. My teen son had a serious low the other day that got me thinking about the future. How should we handle such situations when he goes off on his own? (18 Nov 2008)
  3. My friend in Egypt has a daughter with diabetes. Where can he find a doctor to help diagnose the type of virus the girl has? (8 Nov 2008)
  4. We'd like to get our newly diagnosed child a medical id. How does one choose from all the options? (8 Nov 2008)
  5. Can the inhibition of insulin release and insulin resistance be possible as a result of increased stimulation of the PNS and excess secretion of stress hormones due to chronic stress? (6 Nov 2008)
  6. When I had a recent low, I could see a bright green halo, even with my eyes closed. After treatment for the low, it went away. What could this have been? (6 Nov 2008)
  7. Diagnosed with type 1 in July, my toddler still wakes about every two hours to get a drink. Is this behavioral or related to his diabetes? (5 Nov 2008)
  8. Just diagnosed with type 1, my niece has developed a rash. Could she be allergic to the insulin? Are high blood sugars common for someone so newly diagnosed? (31 Oct 2008)
  9. Is it safe to put my already thin daughter on a low glucose, low carbohydrate, low calorie diet? This was suggested after she had a fasting blood sugar of 106 mg/dl [5.9 mmol/L]. (31 Oct 2008)
  10. Can a CT angiography detect coronary plaque in a diabetic as well as coronary angiography? (21 Oct 2008)
  11. How much of a difference can there be in a fasting report done by laboratory and an Accu-Chek home glucose meter? (21 Oct 2008)
  12. Following his first episode of DKA two weeks ago, my teen son's vision has blurred considerably. Is this a result of the DKA? Will it correct itself? (20 Oct 2008)
  13. Where can one find resources for training staff and hiring a nurse for children's camps? (16 Oct 2008)
  14. English theme parks provide special bands for diabetics allowing them to skip the queues. Do theme parks in Orlando have the same system? (9 Oct 2008)
  15. Is there any connection between type 1 diabetes and hidradenitis suppurativa? (8 Oct 2008)
  16. My chiropractor has suggested that I start my daughter on Orthomega, which includes "cleansing," fish oil and a diet. What do you think? (6 Oct 2008)
  17. Is is possible for a child with diabetes to have memory loss? (29 Sep 2008)
  18. My son's endocrinologist refused to renew my son's numbing cream prescription and wouldn't tell us why. What might his motivation be? (24 Sep 2008)
  19. In the last two weeks, my seven-year-old has tested positive twice for red blood cells, white blood cells, and bacteria in her urine. Should I be concerned? (23 Sep 2008)
  20. At what age is it appropriate to discuss more specific information about complications? (12 Sep 2008)

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