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Other Medications

  1. Is Synthroid the only treatment for Hashimoto's thyroiditis? (6 Dec 2008)
  2. I take Lyrica for neuropathy, but the dose wears off too soon. Should I take more or be on a higher dose? Are there any other helpful drugs? (5 Nov 2008)
  3. Can aspirin or other drugs affect urine glucose readings? (16 Oct 2008)
  4. My daughter recently had a low that lasted several hours and was on no insulin for several days. Could this have been caused by the Catapres TTS 3 she takes? (9 Oct 2008)
  5. Yesterday, my daughter fought lows all day long and didn't take any insulin after breakfast. She had a similar episode a month ago. Could her birth control pill be causing this? (29 Sep 2008)
  6. Is nicotine replacement dangerous for a diabetic? How much is too much if absolutely necessary for one's smoking cessation success? (8 Sep 2008)
  7. I've had type 1 for 10 years. Recently, I've been having pains in the joints of my fingers and toes and very cold hands and feet. Could this be the beginning of neuropathy? (27 Aug 2008)
  8. Do type 2 diabetics benefit by taking purgative or laxatives medications routinely? (20 Jul 2008)
  9. Are there any anti-inflammatory medicines and antioxidants that are beneficial to insulin resistant type 2 diabetics in view of inflammation related to insulin resistance? (18 Jul 2008)
  10. My daughter is on an insulin pump. Should we be considering giving her other drugs such as amylin and C-Peptides(when they become available)? (10 Jul 2008)
  11. Recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, how will Synthroid affect my daughter's insulin/blood sugars? (25 Jun 2008)
  12. Because she is overweight and had an elevated A1c, our diabetes team would like to start my daughter on Glucophage or Symlin. Are either reasonable for a child? (16 May 2008)
  13. The pediatrician has put my son on inhaled steroids. The endocrinologist said to watch his blood sugar and correct as needed. What do you suggest? (9 May 2008)
  14. My young teen daughter wants to grow tall like her cousins so the doctor has recommended Somatropin. What are the side effects of this? What do you recommend? (7 Apr 2008)
  15. I would like to buy a glucagon emergency kit, but I don't know how to do it or where I can find one in the U.S. (31 Mar 2008)
  16. I had an MRI that showed extreme bursitis. I was told that GHR1000, might help. Is this safe? (31 Mar 2008)
  17. Have you seen erythromycin used to successfully treat diabetic diarrhea? (24 Mar 2008)
  18. My wife has an elevated albumin level. Is there a connection between her Byetta and the elevated albumin? Why was she not given medication for the elevated level? (28 Feb 2008)
  19. Do you know of any anti-psychotic drugs that would not lead to weight gain or increased blood sugars? (21 Feb 2008)
  20. My adult son was put on lisinopril as a preventative for high blood pressure. Is this standard practice? Or, is it better to wait and start medication after a slight increase in his blood pressure? (16 Feb 2008)

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