Research: Causes and Prevention

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Research: Causes and Prevention

  1. My non diabetic son's ICA 512 went from -11 to -7 in a year. What, if anything, does this mean? (7 Jan 2009)
  2. I've had type 1 for four years and am worried about my younger sister developing it. How much would vitamin D help prevent her from developing diabetes? (6 Nov 2008)
  3. Can vitamin D3, given in the first year of life, really prevent type 1? What effect does D3 have on the newly diagnosed? (3 Nov 2008)
  4. I have had diabetes for 26 years and my infant daughter has the high risk genes. We are in the TEDDY study. Should I avoid giving her gluten? (16 Aug 2008)
  5. Is it possible for allergy shots to bring on diabetes? (7 Jul 2008)
  6. Two years ago, my daughter's insulin level was elevated. She gets exercise, but has gained some weight. What vitamins/supplements should I give her? (19 May 2008)
  7. We were told my son's diabetes was caused by his bipolar medications. Now, the doctors say those medications are not working because of high blood sugars. Is this possible? (30 Apr 2008)
  8. Two years ago, I was put on Elidel cream. A year ago, I was diagnosed with type 1. Could the cream have triggered the diabetes? (21 Apr 2008)
  9. Is it possible my daughter's type 1 was caused by the steroid nasal spray she was given for enlarged adenoids? If this were true, would her treatment be any different? (8 Mar 2008)
  10. I read on the ADA web site that the risk of diabetes increases for a woman with type 1 if she gives birth before the age of 25. Should my daughter wait until she's over 25 to have babies? (5 Mar 2008)
  11. After a month on Accutane, my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. Could her high level be caused by the Accutane? Have other patients on Accutane developed diabetes? (29 Feb 2008)
  12. My girlfriend has type 1. What are the chances our children would have it, too? Is genetic mapping helpful for determining the chances that babies will have diabetes or not? (25 Feb 2008)
  13. What is the difference between the SUR1 gene mutation and the KIR6 gene mutation? (16 Feb 2008)
  14. Is a child at greater risk of diabetes if his/her mother had pre-eclampsia during pregnancy? (15 Feb 2008)
  15. Are there any studies or literature on trauma-induced diabetes? I believe my diabetes is related to a prior serious motorcycle accident. (8 Feb 2008)
  16. We have no family history of diabetes. Could my daughter's diabetes be related to the mumps she had earlier? Might my elder daughter be prone to getting type 1? (31 Jan 2008)
  17. Both my husband and his father have diabetes. Is there something I can do prior to conception or during my pregnancy to prevent our children from getting it? (28 Jan 2008)
  18. Our son tested positive for one of the four antibodies. By what percentage does this increase his risk of getting type 1? (13 Jan 2008)
  19. Type 2 runs in my family. I am thin and exercise quite a bit, but still have pre-diabetes. If I continue to exercise, will I be able to avoid getting full blown diabetes? (25 Dec 2007)
  20. Are there any new injections or medicines to give to newborn babies to prevent them from getting diabetes? (8 Dec 2007)

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