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  Research: Cure

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Research: Cure

  1. Now a young adult, my daughter is tired of diabetes. Are there any books to help her cope? Are there any new developments on the horizon? (19 Nov 2008)
  2. Where can I find a place here in the U.S. or anywhere in the world to take my daughter to stop her autoantibodies from destroying her pancreas? (9 Nov 2008)
  3. What is your opinion of Dr. Faustman's research using BCG vaccines? (9 Nov 2008)
  4. I've been hearing for eight years that a cure for type 1 is 10 years away. What is the current status of a cure? I want to share some hope with my daughter. (13 Sep 2008)
  5. Can a person newly diagnosed with type 1 be cured or at least protect the amount of islets that are not dead? (12 Sep 2008)
  6. Do you know of any trials going on now that involve stem cells to cure MODY or type 1 diabetes? (25 Aug 2008)
  7. Can a small child diagnosed with type 1 ever recover from the disease? (10 Mar 2008)
  8. I feel like I'm failing my child by not curing her with vitamins and such. What is your opinion? Also, is it true that milk is harmful to those with diabetes? (16 Jan 2008)
  9. Do you think stem cell therapy with the patient's own stem cells injected into the pancreas could be beneficial? (5 Dec 2007)
  10. My body has rejected the pancreas I received in Italy in July 2005. When I travel to New York in the spring, I'd like to meet a specialist. Can you help me find one? (11 Nov 2007)
  11. I'm having control problems, so my doctor has recommended insulin. What can you tell me about stem cell treatment? (31 Oct 2007)
  12. I've read about procedures being done in other countries to cure diabetes. Are such procedures being done in the U.S. as well? (26 Sep 2007)
  13. Recently, my toddler was diagnosed with type 1. Is there a cure? What causes it? Could it be something else? Is there an Eastern medicine that could cure her? (29 Aug 2007)
  14. Is it possible to put a virus in a pancreas and keep it there to have it attack the T cells and eventually produce insulin? (28 Aug 2007)
  15. On NovoRapid and Lantus, my sister's blood sugars are 4 mmol/L [72 mg/dl] to 8 mmol/L [144 mg/dl]. Is her dosing appropriate? Is there a cure for type 1? (3 Jul 2007)
  16. My daughter is pregnant and wants to know if she should save her umbilical cord for a stem cell transplant for herself. Where can she find out about this? (3 Jun 2007)
  17. If I were to harvest blasto cells from the placenta of a newborn, could it they help my son who has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? (15 Mar 2007)
  18. What is the current status of efforts to find a cure for type 1 diabetes? (13 Jan 2007)
  19. With respect to the "cure" recently seen in the journal Cell, will this be for those who were recently diagnosed or those who have had type 1 for a long time? (7 Jan 2007)
  20. Can you explain my nephew's antibodies' results? Other than taking insulin, is islet transplantation the best way to treat type 1 diabetes? (28 Oct 2006)

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