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Research: Monitoring

  1. What ever happened to the ear glucometer that was supposed to check blood glucose levels by attaching a clip to your ear? (18 Sep 2007)
  2. Are there any trials being done on an implanted device that checks your blood sugar and delivers insulin? (29 Mar 2007)
  3. Has the Barbara Davis Center ever evaluated the Glucose-Sensing RFID Microchip designed by the Digital Angel Corporation? (24 Jan 2007)
  4. Do you have any updated information on the Sleep Sentry device? I am looking for something that alarms to indicate my son has a low blood sugar. (13 Jan 2007)
  5. There was talk about a product from Tec-Med, a non-invasive glucose meter. Has this come to market? (6 Dec 2006)
  6. Using a continuous sensor, my son's blood sugars were rarely the same as the home glucometer. Is it safe to base his bolus on the sensor reading? (3 Oct 2006)
  7. Is it possible to have an internal blood sugar monitor that will monitor blood sugars continuously and release insulin as needed? (30 Aug 2006)
  8. I can get a MiniMed Paradigm® REAL-Time Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for my five year old. What should my concerns be? (24 Jun 2006)
  9. How do you choose a pump when technology is changing so quickly? When will more continuous glucose monitors be FDA approved and available? (13 May 2006)
  10. I've seen a monitor that a child wears on his wrist at night. It measures their sweat and alarms if their sugar gets too low. Where can I get one? (5 May 2006)
  11. Are there any non-invasive devices to measure blood sugar? (4 May 2006)
  12. Is there a meter that really works without a fingerstick? (18 Mar 2006)
  13. When will there be a continuous glucose sensor for children under 18? How will they deal with corrections at school? When will there be a true "artificial pancreas?" (6 Mar 2006)
  14. Since the FDA has approved the Guardian RT for adults, do you think it will soon be available for children's use? Why is it limited to adults? (5 Oct 2005)
  15. Do you know of anyone using the MiniMed Guardian RT Continuous Glucose Monitoring System? What kind of results have there been? (1 Oct 2005)
  16. I'm looking for a device that my grandson can wear that will monitor his blood sugar continuously. Is there such a device? (27 Apr 2005)
  17. Is anyone tracking the incidence of type 1 diabetes in the population? What are some of the possible causes for the increase in number of children diagnosed? (15 Mar 2005)
  18. Is there any reliable new news about SugarTrac? (12 Mar 2005)
  19. What is the status of research on a device that will monitor blood sugars continuously and alarm for highs and lows? (17 Jan 2005)
  20. Since we had problems, we stopped using the GlucoWatch on our son. What can you tell us about Pendragon Medical's non-invasive device? (21 Jul 2004)

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