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  1. Can you tell me the latest on the closed loop pump? What can you tell me about the injection site that's like a pump, but doesn't have the attachment to a pump? (15 Dec 2008)
  2. Is there any evidence that Zocor protects the beta cells from further damage in newly onset type 1 diabetes? (23 Sep 2008)
  3. Where can I find articles to support the theory that people with diabetes have a higher pain tolerance than those without the disease? (21 Jan 2008)
  4. My daughter tested positive for insulin IgG antibodies, but negative for other antibodies. What does this mean? Is she still producing insulin, but destroying it at the same time? (9 Aug 2007)
  5. I wonder how your team can be confident there is no relationship between ADHD, dopamine and insulin levels. Could it be this has not been studied? (24 Jun 2007)
  6. My daughter has had diabetes since birth. Will she have to take insulin forever? Is there any other possible treatment? (5 Jun 2007)
  7. Does it make any sense to try using oral insulin instead of injections for type 1? (27 Apr 2007)
  8. How can we find out if our son's diabetes is one caused by a genetic mutation? Our son was diagnosed in August 2006 at the age of three. (15 Mar 2007)
  9. When an autoimmune attack takes place on the endocrine pancreas, are the alpha cells also destroyed? What cells make amylin? (17 Feb 2007)
  10. Is it really "safe" for small children with diabetes to run high blood sugars? (16 Feb 2007)
  11. Has the "Accelerator Hypothesis" ever been proven? I'm curious because most children with type 1 were thin prior to diagnosis. (22 Jan 2007)
  12. How many children in the U.S. have diabetes? What is the age distribution? (21 Dec 2006)
  13. Given the recent news about neonatal diabetes, should I have my son, diagnosed at 23 months, tested? Would it be valuable to know if he has any remaining islet function? (5 Oct 2006)
  14. Are there any organizations that offer financial support for diabetics for their clinical trial treatment? (21 Sep 2006)
  15. I heard about a little girl with type 1 having a gene called Kir6.2 allowing her to take a sulfonylurea instead of insulin. Are there studies about this? (18 Sep 2006)
  16. Are there any clinical trials for newly diagnosed children? I live in New Jersey. (22 May 2006)
  17. Where can I find information on clinical trials? I want to participate in one. I am concerned about the cut-off age of 35 for most trials. (21 Mar 2006)
  18. Are there any companies close to making a transdermal patch for the delivery of insulin? (4 Mar 2006)
  19. After his diagnosis, I sent my infant's blood to the U.K. to see if he had a certain mutation. He did and no longer needs insulin. How well known is this study? (31 Jan 2006)
  20. My daughter was recently diagnosed. What are your thoughts on the newest techniques to make this easier? Do you have a general idea of when there will be a cure? (23 Jan 2006)

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