Letters to the Editor

Here's what people have said about the web site. You too can send a letter to the editor.

Andrew, USA
Thank you Jeff for finding the time to keep the list running! I know I appreciate your effort and hard work on the behalf of our precious children with diabetes and most of all, on behalf of all the parents that have to deal with this diabetes monster and fight the good fight. This list is great and obviously a smashing success....we, as parents, need all the support we can find and we are glad to have found you and this list!

Al N., USA
Congratulations! You win my vote for the best web page on the net. Both setup and content are excellent!

Allan N., Ontario, Canada
Being a diabetic for the last quarter century I was ecstatic when I wandered on to you website. Keep up the good work!

Amy D., USA
I want you to know how much I appreciate this site. I have learned so much from all of the people here. They have given me the courage to start seeking better treatment. I am waiting for an appointment with an endo to discuss the pump. I never would have done that without the support of my friends here.

Ana L., Vic, Australia
I like this site. Especially the chat rooms. For the first time I feel like someone understands. Thanks a lot.

Ana and Nuno G., Portugal
My wife and I, we were really "down" and it helped us a lot. We also took some time to read Kids' Voices and realized that there are lots of parents and children going through this - and doing it with a smile.

Andrea A., Massachusetts, USA
I think that this is a great site to able people with and without out diabetes, to learn about the disease, and know what is really included in the whole package. I also really enjoy how we are able to read and share our personal stories, that could one day benefit someone who may run into the same situation.

Ann R., Michigan, USA
I just want to thank you for all of the work you've done creating and maintaining the Children with Diabetes website. I commend you for all of your hard work.

Antonio F., Sicily, Italy
I hope that this link can be useful for my little daughter.

Ariel P., Tennessee, USA
I am six years old and have had diabetes since I was almost 5. I do my own blood glucose tests but not my own shots.

Arlene M., USA
I want tell you how much I appreciate your site on the net. I have gotten so much help and just fellowship (which is so important) from other diabetics on line and with all the services you give that mere thanks just cannot express what I feel. Your vision and commitment are helping so many people--God bless you.

Bari K., Texas, USA
Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful place for our children to communicate with each other.

Becky, Louisiana, USA
My son was diagnosed with type 1 on 8-07-03. It's been the most shocking, overwhelming thing I have ever experienced. Thank you for having a place for people to come to gain knowledge. Especially those of us who aren't so experienced with diabetes.

Belver L., New York, USA
Your site is one of the few I've seen that actually give good diabetes information online.

Brenda B.
The parent's chat room has been my only source of support since my son was diagnosed two years ago, I only wished that I knew about two years ago. I do have the address listed with my son's endocrinologist so other parents have a source of support upon diagnoses.

Bryant and Sally B., Louisiana, USA
My husband and I are about to bring our ADA Affiliate up on the internet, and we will definitely "bookmark" this web page. Well done!

Carol D., West Virginia, USA
As a grandparent of a diabetic child, I can only say, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your site makes one feel less isolated as the majority of people do not know the rigorous schedule of these youngsters. God Bless You! Keep up the good work and this wonderful site.

Carol I., Indiana, USA
I have just began to search the net for information on juvenile diabetes. My daughter is 8 and was dx in Jan '97. What I have learned so far is that I am very capable of managing this for my daughter. What I pray for is that she will manage it for herself when it is time. I thank God every day that it is "just" diabetes and that it is so managable. We have good control, although everyday seems to bring a new challenge. I look forward to the insight and knowledge that your internet users have to share.

Carol R., Texas, USA
By the way you are doing a great job with the web pages. I wish I had found it a long time ago. I have learned a great deal from reading the postings and hope that I have been able to help some others by sharing my experiences. Keep up the great work!

Cary V., Texas, USA
I think it is wonderful that you are providing information for family and friends of children with diabetes. I have worked with children with Diabetes for three years and have a sibling with diabetes. I remember a time when when people did not understand the disease. I am happy that we know more then ever and that there are more services available for children with diabetes. Thank You!!

Chris C., Michigan, USA
I am writing a short note to thank you for this site and the wealth of information you provide to people with diabetes in their lives in one form or another. In the year since our daughter was diagnosed, we have relied heavily on information as a means of coping with both the physiological and the emotional components of this disease. Your site has been a major part of our education. While I have been brought to tears with some of the posted questions and letters, I have derived hope as well from the responses of the doctors. We are fortunate in our town to live by a Big Ten university (Michigan State University), which has an excellent clinic of pediatric endocrinology. Your information blends very nicely with what we learn there. Julie, our 14-year-old with diabetes, makes use of the chat line, through which she connects with other kids. She also attended a camp las summer we first learned of through your site. (Although, unfortunately, it will not be avialable to her anymore due to costs and restrictions by age.) When we encounter others with diabetes, we are quick to make sure they know of Children with Diabetes. Please keep up the great work. Thanks for everything.

Christy H., USA
I've enjoyed the Children With Diabetes web page very much. My son was diagnosed two years ago today, during a routine physical. He has adapted to the changes in his life much more quickly and easily than I have. I even have trouble reading some of the parents' comments without crying (still). Thank you for this opportunity to communicate with other people who share this challenge.

Cindy J., Washington, USA
Just wanted to say thanks for putting this Web site together. It has been a great source for me, and I sure it has been even more of a help for others not familar with diabetes.

Cliff B., New York, USA
Thank you and the people who help make your site possible. Our clinician team said that your site was one we could trust ... so the word is out.

Cynthia G., Virginia, USA
Thanks for your wonderful web site. Your site is the reason that I even began looking at pumps because it was the first mention of them that I had ever seen. Plus, if I had access to such an intensive diabetes tool as your page when I was first diagnosed over 18 years ago, I know I would have been a lot better off.

Dale J., Minnesota, USA
I just wanted to say thanks for this great web site. I will recommend it to others with great praise. I am the father of two boys with diabetes.

David W., USA
Just in case you haven't heard this from any of the others, THANK YOU. Your hard work and demonstrated caring about (even) those you do not personally know is truly appreciated.

PS: We just recently had the chance to discuss Lyspro in greater detail with our Endocrinologist at CHOC/Orange County. He echoed your sentiments exactly.

Thanks again. The WEBsite is a great help.

Deb from N. B. Canada
Really impressed by what I have just read. An abundance of information. Keep up the good work.

Debbie P., Arizona, USA
I am a RD, CDE in Tucson, AZ and have just come across your web site for the first time today. I am thrilled to see the information you present in a form many people will be able to access and understand. I plan on recommending your site to many co-workers as well as patients and their families. I will visit frequently!

Dolores and Jyron W., USA
I enjoy the web site for parents with diabetic children. As with all parents, we are just looking for ways to better our child's quality of life.

Elizabeth B., USA
Children with Diabetes has been a tremendous source of information and moral support to me, since my daughter was diagnosed a little more than a year ago. I greatly appreciate all the time and effort put in by you and by the diabetes team. I still log on several times a week to check in and see what new information has been posted.

Ellen R., Colorado, USA
I just would like to thank you for posting this website. My 11 year old son was diagnosed last year and I cannot tell you how much I have relied upon your site to educate and reassure us. I visit the site every week and am grateful for both the "What's New" features and the "Ask the Diabetes Team" sections. Thank you very, very much.

Ellen U., Florida, USA
Your web site is truly fabulous. I just read every story written by the parents and was so moved. I've got tissues drying my tears.

This web site is the best. I don't know how you do it, but it just gets better and better every time I see it. Thank you from one "Mom" who wants to stand up and Scream for A Cure.

Em, Canada
This is a great web site. My son was diagnoised almost 2 months ago. My son's doctor kept trying to get me to come here but by the time I would get home I would forget about the site. The last time I was in her office she pulled the site up on her computer to show me. I had to laugh, I had been coming here for a few weeks already. I have found valuable information here and it has also helped greatly to talk to other parents with diabtic children. Thank you so much.

Eric H., USA
This web site is awesome. I am on staff at Camp Midicha and am a long time camper. Midicha was captured perfectly on this page.

Evan G., Massachusets, USA
I like it! I'm going to show this to Kelsey at home, so she can contribute, also.

Gary F., Sweden
I was greatfully surprised to read all the positive and helpfull letters to the editor. I didn't think I was the only diabetic in the world. Thanks to all of you, now I know I'm not.

George P., Georgia, USA
This is one of the best Web sites I've ever visited. It has so much to offer and is so easy to navigate.

Gerard B., USA
I once again glanced at the whole of Children with Diabetes and I am still amazed at the work you've done here. I would simply like to thank you once again for your dedication to Children with Diabetes. There are few other sites as this one for us to come and chat and get information to take back to our Educators as well As Phisycians for discussion. The feeling of understanding you have created for me between my endo and myself has led to better control for me. I can only hope that others will be inspired in the same way and will be as grateful. Thanks again and Keep On Doing It.

Gloria and Jeff
My Wife and I just wanted to thank you for this very wonderful web site. Since our then 11 month old son, Aaron, was diagnosed in April of 2000 (actually since we got our computer in July 2000), this web site has been a Godsend. We thank God every day for our blessings, this web site being one of them! May you and everyone connected with this web site one day know how many lives have truly been blessed and how many lives you have touched and improved! May God bless you and yours.

Grant and Annette H., Torrensville, Australia
This is a great web site. we have a diabetic child and we have been looking for a good site.

Guido S., Italy
This link is the best for mine and my child! Thank you.

Heikki V., Finland
After having a more thorough lookup in Children with DIABETES Web site, I am really astonished on the coverage and quality of your service. On behalf of our family and other parents we know, we just want to say THANK YOU!

Jacqueline M., Florida, USA
This the the Shands's Hospital at the Univ of Florida, dropping by for a peek and to say hello. And to recommend that our RN CDE's and ARNP CDE's in Pediatric Endocrinology check this delightful and informative site out.

James M., Michigan, USA
It's hard to type with a tear in your eye but here goes ! I was a camper in 1964 and 65. Dr.Schumacher was my Dr. and when I found this web page the memories came flooding back. Thanks for the great experiance and the improved outlook on life!

Jamie G., USA
I just came across your web site--what a great idea! Congratulations.

Janice J., North Carolina, USA
We shared your site with a group of health education student teachers and they were very impressed!

Jay W., USA
I have been on-line for about a year and 90% of what I have found out there is advertising, pure and simple. Yours is one of the best true resources that I have found and I frequent the site often.

Jean M., Rhode Island, USA
I think this is such a wonderful place! I've been on internet for a couple of weeks and have spent most of my time here. Thanks so much.

Jeff C., USA
We have been helped tremendously by the Children with Diabetes site and hope to be more active contibutors for others seeking help and reassurance.

Jeff C., USA
I'm a diabetic of 13 years (diagnosed at 10) and a software engineer, and can say that this web site has the highest quality content of any site I've visited. The amount of detail and scope of the information is simply amazing. You do us all a great service and I thank you!

Jeff H., Ontario, Canada
I was stumped for information until I found this web site. Found the info I needed and a couple of interesting topics. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Jenny and Gavin T., Sheffield, England
I think the service that you and colleagues provide through this internet site is quite wonderful. Jenny and I are doctors, yet we still have a lot of difficulty getting good information and have found we need to be quite cautious about asking awkward questions. When our daughter started with diabetes, it was a US family we "met" through the site that in large measure kept us sane. I feel for the vast majority of parents who must struggle even more. You must help very many people provide better care for their children.

Jessica Leah B., North Carolina, USA
I would just like to add that the work that goes into this web site is greatly appreciated. I think what you are doing is such a great service to those of us living with diabetes, either ourselves or with a family member! Thank You!

Jill W., USA
Thanks for the great information--I'm printing it off so that I can share it with my family. Having access to specialists and the "latest and greatest" on cures is very encouraging as well. You can be sure that I'll be a regular on this site from now on.

Jill and Mike B., USA
Thank you for Children with Diabetes. Our daughter was diagnosed just one year ago and we just stumbled upon "Children with Diabetes" within the last month. What a source of information and friends!

Jody and Jim G., Iowa, USA
Thanks for this beautiful site! I will visit often as the parent of a recently diagnosed 3 1/2 yr. old son!

Juan B., M.D.
Thanks a lot for all your help. I have been using your web page since my daughter was diagnosed last December, and it has been extremely useful. Even though I am an M.D. I believe that I have learned quite a lot just by reading your page; there are things that you only ask yourself once you have the "problem" at home.

July, Illinois, USA
I would just like to say Thank You for this site. My daughter has had diabetes since May and this site has been so useful. I can gather so much info. people ask questions that I don't think of and I can have a heads up on certain things by reading the questions. Thank You so much for giving your time.

Karen, Hawaii, USA
I just wanted to send a note along to let you know how important this site is to so many different people. Living in Hawaii our resources are extremely limited when it comes to children. Now that we have established a diabetes center in Hilo I find that we still don't address the needs of the children very well. I am in close contact with most parents here, and the first resource I give them is your site. I have parents that chat in your rooms -- it is the only contact they have with other parents. Just last week while working at the Diabetes Center I accessed your site several times, to assist parents, even public health nurses to prepare for the school year. Running a public service can feel like a thankless job (I am doing it too -- and stuggling to keep all the balls in the air), but when even one person comes back to me and says "God Bless you for helping to make our lives better" it makes it all worth it. So, God Bless you for making the lives of hundreds much better -- your service is more valuable than you can imagine and touches many people who have no where else to turn.

Karon, Georgia, USA
Hello. I feel as if I know ya'll. I visit your site often. I have told everyone about it. I even posted a flier in my Doctor's office with your address. I just wanted to says thanks.

Kathryn B., USA
Thank you for creating this web page. I'm 14 and have had diabetes for 11 years. It's really helpful to know that there are other kids out there going through the same things as me.

Kelly M., Canada
I want to thank you for the Double Fudge Balls recipe I found at your WWW site. I made these for a Christmas treat for my 9-year old nephew who had been diagnosed as having diabetes only a couple of weeks before Christmas. They were a hit! Thank you for providing such a great resource for people like me who don't know much about diabetes.

Ken and Deb, USA
Thank you so much and everyone who has made this web site possible and available to us. When our daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, we felt like we were lost at sea. The education, information and support has helped us navigate our way and actually helped us prevent severe problems that her physicans were not even aware of. By reading the diabetes team letters we learned that our daughter was at high risk for other autoimmune diseases, i.e., thyroid, celiac etc. Thanks to this web site we convinced our physican to test her based on our family history and some symptoms we were detecting. We found out that she had VERY low thyroid hormone and was immediately placed on synthroid and has tested positive for celiac antibodies. We now have better treatment for our child and she now doing very well with a steady HbA1c of 6.1 with few lows. We are very grateful and support you 110%.

Kim M., Illinois, USA
Am totally overwhelmed by the amount of information you have available and also very grateful. I have a 10 yr. old soon to be 11 who was diagnosed a year ago and have been able to understand more what is needed to care for her with your help and information. Thank you.

Kristi J., USA
I have never thanked you for all that you do to make this site possible. Thanks to you and others, diabetics, like myself, are able to get information and chat with other diabetics. It is wonderful! Thank you again, and keep up the GREAT work!

Lara M., Victoria, Australia
Thanks guys; a wealth of information for someone too chicken to ask the in-depth questions.

Laurel L., Minnesota, USA
I stumbled onto this site and it kept me busy for hours! Thank you so much for timely and up-to-date information geared for both adults AND children! Especially helpful was your comparison of different brands of glucometers based on the input from kids, as we were just starting to shop for a new unit. Glucometers are a big investment for us since we keep 3 on hand - one at my house, one at my son's father's house and one at school. And thanks to your "Find A Friend", I now have other parents to consult with as my diabetic son heads into the "terrible teens." Thanks so much!

Laurie K., Alaska, USA
I read messages from the Bulletin Board and Ask the Experts at least five days a week. I have learned a lot, and it's nice to communicate with others who are going through the same things. Thanks!

Laurie R., USA
Thanks for this page! I find out lots of stuff first on this page, and know to look for it elsewhere as well. Also, I am in contact biweekly with two other parents of diabetic children. We found each other on this webpage, and thank you for that! We find it VERY helpful to have the support system of being able to discuss our families with each other.

Leah J., Texas, USA
Knowing you're not alone...not the only parents with an extremely young diabetic child... is somewhat comforting. I am so glad I looked you up!

Lesley T., Alberta, Canada
I really love the chat rooms because i get to talk to other teens with the same problems and it helps because I don't have very many friends due to this disease.

Linda G.
When my 12 year old son was diagnosed in July 97, I was very scared. Unfortunately, at the time, I wasn't online yet. About one month ago, I had another telephone line installed so I would be able to get online. I have found your site and I am addicted to it. I am here, every day without fail -- looking all around at all the different sites you offer. It has been my sanity and I have met a lot of great people. Thank you very much for your insight to provide a wonderful and lifesaving service. I will always be grateful for it!

Lonnie M., Texas, USA
This is a wonderfully designed web site! I've definitely added it to my 'Favorites' list!

Lyn H., North Carolina, USA
I just wanted to thank the Diabetes Team for the valuable service they provide at this site. So many question I myself have had, others have asked and the team has responded. Thanks for the time you devote to answering the questions we parents, grandparents, or friends of diabetics ask! Keep up the great work.

Margarida M., Madeira Island, Portugal
Endocrinologist of the Funchal Hospitalar Center.

Marina K., Illinois, USA
I was just catching up on some of the "Ask the Diabetes Team" questions and realized that I take this site for granted too much. You and the other volunteers that dedicate themselves to educating others and, in turn, empowering people to take charge of their lives and become more motivated should be commended for all the work you put into these web pages. Thank you so much for consistently providing such informative and empowering webpages.

Mary B., USA
I'm a Type II diabetic and have surfed alot recently. Of all the diabetes websites, your's was the easiest one to navigate. Major Kudos! You have done a fantastic job and have every right to be very proud of what you've done. Congratulations!

Mary Lou A., New York, USA
I was so pleased to find you. My 13 year old duaghter has has diabetes for six years and I still can use all the help I can get. It was wonderful to find her camp (Nejeda) listed here. She was so excited to see it on the web.

Mary W., New Hampshire, USA
I think what you're doing with this site is great. It's been a tremendous help to me since my daughter's diagnosis.

Maureen M., USA
Thank you so much for all of your efforts in this huge undertaking! I'm 31 and have been type I since I was 15 years old. I can't tell you how much I get out of visiting this site! The main thing it does for me is keep me connected so that I can never bury my head, even when I'd really like to. I will continue to monitor what's going on at this site and remain eternally grateful!

Michele K., Ohio, USA
Thank you for a wonderful site, everything you need is right here and as a parent of a recently dignosed diabetic it really comes in handy. I copied everything from the school section to take to my son's school for the teachers to was very helpful to us. I have not checked out everything on the site yet because there is so much so I will get to it now...thanks again.

Mike K., USA
I just want to thank you for all the work you're doing with the Children with Diabetes Web Page. I visit it frequently and especially enjoy the latest news concerning the noninvasive meters.

Mylan H., USA
Thank you so much for providing a link from your site to ours. We believe you are the best over all resource that we have found to date on the Web.

Neal B., Maryland, USA
Just a word of thanks with regard to your Web site and especially for the efforts of your Diabetes Team. I don't know the motivation of your team members, but can only only imagine the time required to answer the flurry and variety of incoming questions. Even with long or repetitive questions, the team members consistently provide thoughtful and informative responses. I'll try to stop gushing now. Only know that your efforts are indeed having a large impact on folks like me who at times can feel isolated in their attempts to understand and control their children's chronic condition.

Pam W., Seattle, USA
Evan is up for a middle of the night snack and I thought I'd show him the kids' WWW pages. We are both very excited about them. He can't wait to tell his sister and dad. "So interesting!" he says.

He thinks the babies are cute and told me not to worry, they are doing fine and looking good.

What a wonderful find in the middle of the night! It sure would be difficult to decide what my favorite part of this WWW site is. Tonight, the kids' pages have my vote.

Paula, Ohio, USA
I think the Children with Diabetes web site is wonderful. My daughter and I are both thrilled to find a place for us.

Patrick M., USA
Your site is one of the most fantastic places I've ever been on the web. Keep it up!! And thanks.

Per G., Akersberga, Sweden
A Children with Diabetes Web-page! Great idea! I've been looking for something like this. My child will be delighted (Johanna, she's four years old, she's had diabetes for three).

Rachel P., California, USA
This web site is terrific. I have cruised it three times in the four weeks we've been living with diabetes in our house. The combination of services and information is really useful. Thanks.

Randy G., Ontario, Canada
HI! I think this is a great site for children as well as families of children with diabetes. As use of the internet gets more popular, I'm sure this site will be of great aid to diabetics. By the way, I am writing from Alliston, Ontario, the birthplace of Sir Fredrick Banting.

Not only has Children with Diabetes provided tremendous support, information and guidance, but you've performed a priceless service in "arranging" so many cyber-friendships that have blossomed "off-line" too.

Rhonda T., USA
Thanks for your web site. I've been a diabetic for 32 years. I wish that they had as much stuff then as they do now. I've been on an insulin pump for a year. What a difference. I only wish I could tell children just how wonderful and normal that your life can be with an insulin pump. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Richard M., South Carolina, USA
This is a wonderful, informative site. I have gained so much valuable information over the past several weeks. This is a God send. My daughter was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with Type 1 diabetes. I am showing off your site to others. This site has answered so many of my questions. Keep up the good work!

Robert B., Pennsylvania, USA
It's great to see a place, on line, that younger diabetics can get a handle on their condition, and learn to deal with it in a positive way. I wish that they had something like this when I first found out about my diabetes.

Robyn M., South Australia
This is a cool web site and if I had had the internet while I was growing up with a mother who was in and out of hospital with it I'm sure it would have helped me; as I'm sure it's helping others...thanks.

Ron B., Texas, USA
I am telling everyone I meet about your wonderful web site. I really think that this is one of the best things to come along for diabetics in a long, long time.

S. Neil N., Pennsylvania, USA
I am a pediatric endocrinology fellow at the Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh. I'm very impressed with this www site and will be recommending it to all my patients. Thanks!

Santa Z.
I have had diabetes for 50 years. I just came across your great web address. I think it is great. I wish there was something like this when I was young. It has only been in the last ten years where I have become familiar with others with diabetes. Communication is so vital. Keep up the good work. I pray for a cure for the youngsters. It will come.

Sarah M., USA
I am 14 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes last year and thought it was the end of the world until I found your web site on line and met other teens living with my same condition on your chat room. Also, I found the information presented on your site helpful in managing my diabetes. Thank you.

Sharon A., USA
I just want you to know how wonderful your site is! Diabetes is new to our family. My 14 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 insulin dependent diabetes two weeks ago. I have found an immeasurable amount of useful information from you and I can't thank you enough.

Sharon and Tom T., USA
Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to this site. We have made many new friends and learned so much by using the parents chat room. Our son just had his birthday and received many e-mail cards from his friends! Please know that your effort is much appreciated by us "users." Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Sheryl H., USA
Childrens with Diabetes has given me great hope and peace and information. I find this entire site the most progressive and useful tool I have found for networking, coping and learning. I can't thank you enough for supporting it. You make a real difference in our lives. I especially appreciate learning from other parents and seeing perspectives that I had not focused on. High integrity and quick responses. One of the most magnificent contributions of Children with Diabetes is that we get to build a community of friends worldwide who are living similar experiences. I have three email pals that are sharing thoughts and ideas with me.

Shigeo Aono, M.D., Japan
I am enjoying the children with DIABETES. Many thanks for wonderful and precious information.

Shirley M., California, USA
Though I have just recently tapped into the Web Site for information and support for my diabetes, I have already found it to be a great instrument in helping me. I think you are doing a wonderful thing with your Children with Diabetes web site.

Silvio M., Uruguay
I donīt know if your site is frequently visited by people outside the U.S., but, believe me, I know that I canīt live without you. My son of near 5 five years old becomes diabetic two months ago, and I, working as a Graphic Design Manager in a U.S. Company located at Zona Franca de Montevideo, Uruguay, started inmediately to search the net for info. The first three words that I typed in Yahoo! where "children with diabetes" And everything started to be easier for us. Last week we joined our first family Camp, and we shared the information that you provide with other parents, and we gave them your web address. Believe me, I spend hours surfing the net for info, and no other site gives me all the things that you give us for free. Your work is a great support for my family and for diabetics everywhere.

Stasia B., Tennessee, USA
I just found your site on the web and feel that I will always have somewhere to turn for information on diabetes. My 3 1/2 year old son was diagnosed in June 1996 and it is comforting indeed to know that people facing the same daily challenges as I am are at my fingertips. Thank you for creating this site on the web.

Stephanie P., Connecticut, USA
At times our situation seems overwhelming but finding the Children with Diabetes homepage has really helped! I visit once/twice per week. I really look forward to sundays when everything gets updated. I've emailed a couple of other parents as well. It's an excellent resource!

Steve K., USA
As a parent of a toddler who is very new to this whole situation I cannot tell you how valuable I believe this is now and will be in the future. I was talking with the endocronologist that we have been dealing with and I promised her that I would be putting together some of the resources that I have found since my 22 month old daughter was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. This board will be at the top of my internet resource list.

Susan E., USA
I am very impressed with the breadth and depth of your Web site. Although my son was diagnosed six years ago, and many would think we must be "pros" by now, I find that I am always running up against new problems, situations, and the like. Your site provides a wealth of information. Thanks for your help.

Susan G., Canada
Thank you for your current information and support. Our daughter Allison was diagnosed this year, and we are learning constantly. It is wonderful to have the experts literally at our fingertips. What a wonderful service!

Susan W., Virginia, USA
This is a great thing you are doing here!

Susan W., USA
It's taking me some time to come to terms with my son's diagnosis, but I know I eventually will (I hope). Your website is what's getting me though these dark days. I'm obsessed with learning everything I can about diabetes. I hope someday there's no need for your website; in the meantime, thank you so much.

Susan W., Arkansas, USA
I have e-mailed you in the past, commenting on your wonderful web site. I can't thank you enough for the support you give to parents. My 9-year-old son, Matt, was diagnosed in February, 1997, and I don't think I could have survived without your website. Matt had an HbA1c last week which was 7.1, and the reason for that acceptable number is because of what I've learned from Children With Diabetes.

Suzette A.
At Thanksgiving, I always take time to count my blessings. Just wanted to thank you for porviding this service. My fourteen year old son has had Type 1 for two years so we are still neo-nites. Your web site is one of my favorites.

Sylvia, Australia
Thanks for setting up a great site it was very useful and easy to use.

Thomas C., Guipavas, France
I was very happy when I discovered this site for the first time because I am diabetic. Thanks to your site, I know that many people have the same disease as me and I feel less alone. THANK YOU!!!

Tim, USA
This web site is by far the most user friendly, resource-intensive, helpful diabetes site on the web that I've seen to date. You're to be commended for your efforts here.

Tiffany, Texas, USA
I really enjoy the children with diabetes homepage. It is really great. I have met (over the web!) several families in our same situation and have become good friends with a few I correspond with. There is alot of useful information and it's really nice to know we are all in this together!

Tom L., USA
I am a Webmaster where I work and travel the web quite alot looking for information. I don't even go to the library anymore because I can find what I want on the web faster and easier. Your web site for "Children with Diabetes" is the best site I have seen. You have the most information and the ability for parents and kids to talk to each other. You beat everybody else hands down. Good Work! and I say that not only from a person wanting diabetes info but from a webmaster too.

Toni A., California, USA
I have been a diabetic for 19 years now and I am realizing that I have been out of the loop to long with my disease. I am very thankful that you are here for me to come and get information about what is going on with my disease and how others have dealt with their situations. Thank you for being here.

Twig T., Florida, USA
What a great site! I have been involved with Florida's Diabetes Camp for 7 years now, and have Diabetes myself. I am very impressed with this page. Camp is a lot of fun and an important experience for everybody involved, not just the campers. I am glad to see this site, and hope it continues to be a resource to serve those with a unique set of needs.

Vince V., USA
It's one of the best things I've found on the net yet. We live in a very rural, sparsely populated area and have little contact with kids or parents that also face the challenges of diabetes. A heartfelt "thanks" again for the site and all the info it contains.

Zoltan P., Tokyo, Japan
You have really got a great thing going with Children with Diabetes. It is amazing reading the notes from people about their situations and dealings with diabetes. The site is also a tremendous resource for information about diabetes.

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