Camp and Sleepovers
Diabetes camp is an important part of growing up with diabetes, according to many pediartic endocrinologists. At camp, you will have a wonderful time. You'll be with other kids with diabetes, play games, be outdoors, stay up way too late, and even learn a bit about diabetes.

You will usually be in a cabin with other kids your age, plus a counselor. Sometimes the counselor even has diabetes. You can learn a lot from the diabetic counselors, since they all got diabetes when they were kids. They can help you learn to do your own blood tests and insulin injections, if you aren't already. And they can help you with meal planning. The counselors are all very dedicated to helping you, the camper with diabetes, have a great time and, just maybe, learn a little too.

In case you get sick, there are always doctors and nurses available to help. You might even find that your blood sugars run high or low for the first day or so, because of all the excitement and activity. But the counselors, nurses and doctors are there to help you. So you (and your parents) don't have to worry.

There are diabetes camps throughout the United States and Canada. To find the camp nearest you, you can:

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